Korea’s Finest Dinnerware Set

[INQ. NO. 1609C09] Prouna is the https://korean-products.com/inquiryculmination of a global collaboration, bringing together the fi nest internationally selected designers, artists and drawing materials and fusing them with the most advanced ceramic techniques known today. It is the perfect blend of Asian high culture and European tradition brought together in a distinctive, contemporary style.

Prouna is truly one of the fi nest ceramic collections ever known, and that is why when it came to its manufacture, only the highest standards were to be considered. Prouna searched the world for the right blend of skills needed to bring together function and form in such a unique way and, as a result they chose only the highest-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies from England, France, Germany and the USA.


Hankook Chinaware with its heritage of long years supplying many of the world’s most renowned companies was chosen to manufacture the Prouna range. Its unique location – drawing on 5,000 years of Korean tradition and craftsmanship, also mirrored perfectly the blend of history and technology that is to be found throughout the Prouna range.

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Korean Red Ginseng

[INQ. NO. 1609C10] Jecheon Ginseng https://korean-products.com/inquiryHerb Inc. is a veteran manufacturer and exporter of Korean red ginseng products that can be enjoyed by anyone with ease. With more than 20 years of expertise in the fi eld, the ginseng company has its own factory in South Korea, which produces, processes and exports whole red ginseng, red ginseng processed goods and medicinal herb products under its brand “Cheonsuin.” With several dealers in the United States, the company saw the annual export volume exceed US$800,000 as of 2013. Main export items include Hongsam Jeong (red ginseng concentrate) and Hongsam Jeong-gua (preserved red ginseng in honey)

Hongsam Jeong (red ginseng concentrate)

Efficacy: Enhances the immune system, fatigue recovery, memory improvement, blood circulation improvement, antioxidative activity Volume: 120g, 240g, 120gx3pcsIngredients: Red ginseng concentrate (solid powder 60% or more, total ginsenoside Rg 1 and Rb: 4mg), ginseng roots 70%, ginseng fi ne roots 30%, 100% Korean origin Directions: Add one teaspoonful to 80ml of warm or cool water, stir it and drink it each time, three times daily.

Hongsam Jeong-gua (preserved red ginseng in honey)

There are three diff erent types of products such as original, antler-added jeong-gua and
chocolate-coated Efficacy: enhancing immune system, fatigue recovery, memory
improvement, blood circulation improvement, antioxidative activity Volume: 20g x 8
Ingredients: red ginseng and honey 100% Directions: eat one or two roots whole or sliced.

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Eco-friendly Laundry Detergents

[INQ. NO. 1609C13] B&D Life Health Co.,https://korean-products.com/inquiry Ltd. is a Korean manufacturer and seller of eco-friendly detergents, which have been sold via Korea’s major TV home-shopping channels such as Hyundai Home Shopping and Home & Shopping for more than 10 years.
The products’ reliable quality is the key to their continuing popularity among Korean consumers. B&D has test-results that validate the quality of the company’s products from Korea’s reputable quality-testing institutions including its annually renewed LOHAS certification (confirming eco-friendly products) from the Korean Standards Association (KSA).

Since 2015, B&D Life Health has been looking overseas for new buyers and it has regularly participated in numerous trade shows in the USA, China and Hong Kong. As a result of the efforts, the company has started to export its detergents to the USA, China and Vietnam from 2016. As new orders lead to continuous and additional orders, the company’s market base overseas is steadily expanding. B&D Life Health seeks to expand its export market further on an OEM basis as well as under its brand.

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Eco-friendly Non-fl uorescent Laundry Detergent

[INQ. NO. 1609C11] Since its https://korean-products.com/inquiryfounding in 1988, Cheongsan Chemical has maintained the corporate mission statement that it gives benefi ts both to humans and the environment. In accordance with that, we are committ ed to developing environmentally-friendly and human-friendly industrial materials at all times. We are a leading provider of highquality antifoaming agents, silicone emulsion products, industry materials, and household goods using our own accumulated expertise and innovative technology.
By adding fl avonoids, our “OATS” is made environmentand human- friendly product, which contains excellent antibacterial extracts similar to natural ingredients. Especially, various laundry detergents manufactured by automated NTD have been supplied to a number of companies. We now offer reliable and safe non-fl uorescent detergents by establishing NF-Line exclusive facilities designed for making environment-friendly products.

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High-Ozone Water-Treatment System

[INQ. NO. 1609C12] Eco-Protect ishttps://korean-products.com/inquiry a Korean venture company specializing in underground water development, water-quality management and design of ozone/ removal of microorganism processes through continuous research and development.
Best described with “Seeking the best technology to keep the environment clean and safe,” the name of Eco-Protect signifies its determination to keep the environment clean and safe.

H.O.P.S (High Ozone Water Treatment System)

– The reliable and high-quality ozone water with proper concentration can be supplied by use of the high-concentration ozone water (3ppm or more) production technology utilizing Korea’s fi rst direct stream method, which also results in maximized efficiency in each application.
– The ozone water is produced by the direct stream method instead of the circulation method, so it is possible to supply ozone water minimizing the occurrence of excess ozone gas. In addition, the excess gas removal device, manufactured with the company’s patented technology can fundamentally remove the possibly generating excessive ozone gas.
– Utilizing the direct stream method, the automatic operation of HOPS is possible by receiving signals of water-levels in the tank or raw-water movement in the pipe.

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Edible Fish Collagen

[INQ. NO. 1609C14] BIOPOLYTECH is a bio-venture company specializing in studying and manufacturing https://korean-products.com/inquiryapplications of chitosan, fish collagen and low molecular agar for food, cosmetics, agriculture and medicines.
Developed and released by BIOPOLYTECH, Collagen Vita is an edible collagen formulated to prevent the skin damage and aging, satisfying the women’s desire to keep them as beautiful and young as they possibly can. Its main ingredients are fish collagen; Xylitol; dietary fiber of chicory and Vitamin C. The fish collagen is made by using 100% scales of fishes. By minimizing molecular weight, the fish collagen is formulated to be easier to digest and absorb into the body, effectively preventing the skin damage and aging.
Containing dietary fiber and Xylitol, it is effective in preventing aging skin and caries as well as decreasing cholesterol. Collagen Vita is totally free from preservative, coloring, caffeine and fat.


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Dang Jo Mild Pepper

[INQ. NO. 1609C16]https://korean-products.com/inquiry


① It is functional pepper that will lead Korean pepper agriculture.

② The functional ingredient(AGI) is included to decrease the blood sugar for the first time in the world.

③ The fruit color is yellow and changes to red.
④ It is ideal for eating and salad like a paprika.

⑤ It is not spicy.

⑥ It is weak to disease and low yield if oyu grow it in the open field.

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Propolis Health Food

[INQ. NO. 1609C17] Unique Biotech Co., Ltd. is a biotech venture company specializing in the study https://korean-products.com/inquiryand development of propolis, the natural antibiotic made by honeybees, and related products. Carrying out diverse publicly funded research projects regarding propolis, the biotech enterprise registered five patents including ‘method for manufacturing eco-friendly alcohol-free, water-soluble propolis,’ with which Unique Biotech has developed a variety of related products. Unique Biotech’s latest “method for manufacturing alcohol-free, water-soluble propolis utilizing natural honey” received ‘NET’ certification from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, being evaluated as an innovative technology.
“Unique Water-soluble Propolis,” manufactured with the company’s own technology, does not generate any wax or resin when it is diluted with water for intake, and it is also naturally soluble in water, producing soft taste and flavor, along with a stable color. Because of these features, it can be conveniently and easily eaten as a health functional food by anyone. Furthermore, the extraordinary applicability, with which it mixes well with other materials in a very stable way, allows the product to be widely utilized for a broad range of fields including foods, cosmetics, household goods and feed additives for livestock. In addition to supplying the propolis as raw materials, Unique Biotech also manufactures its own dietary supplements, with particular focus on outstanding antibacterial and antioxidant qualities of the propolis.

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Fashion & Accessory Item Designing

[INQ. NO. 1609C18] J.D.S. BASICS https://korean-products.com/inquiryis a professional in the field of designing a wide range of fashion and accessory products, including necktie (dyed textiles, silk), scarf (silk), belt, wallet, watch, T-shirts, umbrella, cap, towel, mug, coffee mug, spoon, stylish blue-powered celadon, pencil case, key holder, loop for cellar phone, designed accessories, suitcase, apparel, environment-friendly garbage cans, household items bearing images of folk art.
J.D.S. BASICS has pioneered unique styles focusing on patterns and colors, developing the styles reflecting the concept of Korean patterns. It is also engaged in promoting marketing of local specialties (ex: red pepper necktie, scarf and etc.) through suitable public relations.

When it makes necktie and scarf, the company is concerned about reflecting the images of individuals and enterprises. J.D.S. BASICS also makes haute culture designs suitable for promoting the public relations for the municipal government with appealing peculiarity in harmony with seasons.
It designs a wide range of accessory items: belt, buckle, key-holder, loop for hand-phones, and others all designed to reflect the culture campaign to promote love for the enterprise and its public relations.

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Polyurethane Systems for Insulation, Floor Waterproofi ng & Corrosion Proofi ng

[INQ. NO. 1609C19] TAE YOUNG is an expert https://korean-products.com/inquiryin manufacturing a variety of polyurethane systems, continuing its efforts in research and development of top-quality products that satisfy the diverse needs of various customers under the mott o of fulfi lling trust and promise for customers.
The polyurethane products of TAE YOUNG have many advantages, compared with other insulation products, in terms of superior thermal insulation performance, adhesion, light weight, excellent sealing, convenience and a wide range of products, so that they can be widely used as insulation in myriad diff erent fi elds including two-component type adhesives and fi berglass for a prefabricated sandwich panel; one-component type adhesive for honeycomb; electric refrigerators; refrigerating shipping containers; construction insulator; tank insulation; insulated double pipe; lowtemperature warehouse; refrigerating warehouse.
At the same time, the polyurea systems can be installed for not only waterproofi ng the floors of swimming pools or parking lots, but also corrosion-proof use for pipes and tanks, regardless of surface fl atness of adhered objects.
In addition, the polyurea systems feature elasticity that helps prevent cracking of floors once they are installed on a floor as well as durability due to their chemically resistant quality.

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