Premium Bio Cellulose Mask

[INQ. NO. 1910C30] Bio Cellulose Mask is the best natural, gentle, and skin-friendly anti-aging solution that was developed with biotechnology by fermenting coconut. It contains collagen peptides and adenosine, which are effective agents for fighting wrinkles and premature aging by keeping the skin moisturized and giving resilience to sagging skin. The Bio Cellulose Mask has a 3D mesh structure with

three different layers: vinyl, bio cellulose, and non-woven fabric. It can hold 10 times more fluids than normal felt or gel sheet masks, so that the skin can receive as many nutrients and supplements as possible. It is a total-care solution that is rich in effective ingredients such as proteins and peptides that help to revitalize exhausted skin cells and make the skin look lively, healthy and glowing.
BIOPOLYTECH is a bio-venture company specializing in studying and manufacturing applications of chitosan, fish collagen and low molecular agar for food, cosmetics, agriculture and medicines. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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