A Top-class Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Fabric and Clothes Brand

ShieldGreen is an electromagnetic wave shielding fabric and clothes https://korean-products.com/inquirybrand. “Shield” means shielding harmful electromagnetic waves while “Green” means a healthy and natural environment. The company produces electromagnetic wave shielding bedding, aprons, and products for pregnant women and babies as its main products.
Even though the malefi cence of electromagnetic waves is on the rise, most anti- electromagnetic wave fi bers, bedding and clothes are loaded with heavy metals that do much harm to human bodies. ShieldGreen produces premium fashion products based on eco-friendly silver threads that beat Europe’s silver threads. Therefore, the company is taking the lead in electromagnetic wave shielding bedding and clothes.
untitled-55ShieldGreen’s EMF Shielding Apron Lavender was applied with stainless steel threads, and designed with gray color. This product impresses people with wave flower patterns. Its X-shaped back shoulder strap makes it easy to put on and take off the product.
ShieldGreen’s EMF Shielding Blanket Modern Check has external check patt ern fabrics. Its inner lining blanket is applied with stainless threads with light gray colored designs. This electromagnetic wave shielding blanket can be used as a comfortable anti-electromagnetic wave blanket when people use notebooks, Wi-Fi and wearable devices in their homes and in offices.
Outer lining with high quality fabrics of various selectable patt erns fi t for various bedroom decor was applied to ShieldGreen’s EMF Shielding Bedding set Stripe Blue. The inner lining feels very good as silver threads wereused for excellent soft feel.

Making Forays into Overseas Markets

ShieldGreen develops its technology and design in collaboration with Gyeonggi Techno Park, the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Anyang University and the Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology. ShieldGreen is introducing anti-electromagnetic wave materials and technologies from the most advanced companies in Europe which place top priority on safety. At the same time, the company is developing its own technology to produce bett er fabrics.
ShieldGreen is sticking to its principle of producing its products in Korea only. The company is expanding its markets into China, Europe, Japan and the United States. In July 2016, the company successfully exported its products to the USA thanks to helps from the Chicago branch of KOTRA.

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Leading Pet Fashion Brand

PUPPIA Soft Dog Harness is a hit item that has sold more than https://korean-products.com/inquirya million pieces around the world since it was launched in 2007. It puts hardly any strain on the neck bone and muscles of a dog, unlike the traditional dog harness. It is designed to disperse the strain imposed from a leash on a dog’s body evenly onto the neck, chest and belly, leaving the neck risk-free. By fulfi lling its purpose of controlling and protection of a dog, the Puppia Soft Dog Harness will give comfort to both a dog owner and a dog when going outside. Using air mesh fabric, it features an excellent wearability and it can be used for all seasons. It comes in 13 different colors.
With the growing popularity of pet clothing and accessories, Fashion Factory Co., Ltd. is a specialized pet fashion company that emphasizes the unique design and high quality of its pet apparel and accessories under its fl agship brands – “PUPPIA,’’ “CATSPIA” and “PINKAHOLIC.”

The major products are harnesses, accessories, clothes, leashes, collars, smart tags, houses & beds and carriers. The company’s pet fashion design research center produces new seasonal products for S/S and F/W collection every year.
Based on its in-depth understanding of pets and knowhow accumulated in the fashion world, Fashion Factory exports to 66 countries, including the USA, the UK and Japan, which already have mature pet-related markets.
Proving its top quality, its products, moreover, are selling in some of the world’s top department stores such as Harrods in England and Manor department store in Switz erland. In order to diversify existing markets, the company is actively engaged in promotion of its products and brands by participating in international pet products trade shows in Germany, the USA and Korea.

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SCV (Submerged Combustion Vaporizer) & Fuel Gas Supply System


WONIL T&I Co., Ltd.

SCV (Submerged Combustion Vaporizer) & Fuel Gas Supply System

[INQ. NO. 1411C28] Since established in June 1990, Wonil T&I Co., Ltd. (www.woniltni.co.kr) has been engaged in producing and supplying various types of equipment for LNG receiving terminal and combined-cycle power plant. The company has been expanding its market to nuclear power, petrochemical, power generation, and marine & shipbuilding business areas.

Wonil T&I succeeded in localization of FGSS (Fuel gas Supply System) which is the essential part for combined-cycle power plant with its own technology. Currently, Wonil T&I is the only manufacturer in Korea and as a result of continually developing domestic and overseas markets, the company has been acknowledged as a reliable supplier by global leading engineering companies in the Middle East, USA, Germany, and Japan. In 2012, Wonil T&I signed $13 million contract for Fuel Gas Supply System with Calik Enerji, a Turkish company, too.

SCVhttps://korean-products.com/inquiryIn addition, Wonil T&I also successfully localized in manufacturing high pressure equipment such as gas heaters, filters, debris filters, pig launchers & receivers for thermal plant, nuclear plant, petrochemical plant, LNG receiving terminal plant through continuous research and development. With competitive price and quality products, the company has been attained a high reputation in various fields of industries.

In particular, one of the main items for LNG receiving terminal is SCV (Submerged Combustion Vaporizer) whose technology has been transferred from Japanese Sumitomo Group and successfully localized in manufacturing in Korea and has been supplied to overseas markets including China, India, and the United States. They are expecting to export to the South America including Chile and Panama next year.

SCV_1By intensively marketing in both domestic and overseas markets, the company’s turnover has recently been on a constant rise, recording 66 billion won in 2012 and 35.3 billion won in 2011. This year the figure is expected to surpass 80 billion won, the company’s highest ever. Also, the company is expecting to win Export Award recording US$50 million this year. The company is targeting $100 million in sales in 2015. Constant R&D investment, drive to excellence, and powerful commitment to technology development is the driving force to make Wonil T&I stand out in the industry.

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GAENARI Wallpaper


[INQ. NO. 1411C27] Wallpaper is one of the most important decorations for enhancing the interiors of residential or commercial premises. GAENARI Wallpaper is sure to provide a smart solution if you are serious about making a difference to the ambience in your living or working space.

GAENARI Wallpaper (www.g7.co.kr) is a premium wallpaper company that has established its presence within and outside of Korea. Ever since its establishment in 1977, Gaenari has been solely focusing on developing and providing a full range of innovative and cost-effective wallpaper products by making the most of all its resources.

With a 36-year wealth of experience and having developed its own technology, the Korean company has made a name for itself, responding quickly to meeting customers’ demanding various requirements, and also giving quality.

Wallpaperhttps://korean-products.com/inquiry With a 36-year wealth of experience and having developed its own technology, the Korean company has made a name for itself, responding quickly to meeting customers’ demanding various requirements, and also giving quality.

With 150 employees, the company’s export volume comprises about 20 percent of its total revenues, and its market base has been widened into Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia. GAENARI recorded exports worth $16 million last year within just four years after being awarded the One Million Dollars Export Tower in 2008. It went public as the first in the wallpaper industry in the Korea stock market in 1994.

“We feel confident that our company’s export volume will top $20 million by the end of this year thanks to the growing shipments to the Middle East,” said Mr. Kim Hun, CEO of GAENARI Wallpaper. He also added that GAENARI provides a range of different wallpapers which are manufactured with cultural differences of target markets in mind, so they are getting rave responses from many different countries.

Wallpaper_1 Mr. Kim Hun received the 60th Trader of the Month award in honor of his contributions in achieving the excellent performance of the Korean wallpaper company in the global markets. Under strong leadership of Mr. Kim, who has taken over the company since 2003, GAENARI successfully managed to grow into a major wallpaper exporter in Korea that provides an array of eco-friendly premium wallpaper products.

In addition, GAENARI is the first Korean company in the field that installed RTO (Rotary Thermal Oxidizer) in its production facilities in a bid to protect the environment, fulfilling its social responsibility.

Furthermore, the company is striving to become a global leader through combined efforts such as constant analysis of the market trends, technical innovations and massive investments in human resources and production facilities.

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Back-up Alarm


Komex Electronics Corporation

Back-up Alarm

[INQ. NO. 1411C26] Komex Electronics Corporation (www.komexelc.com), headed by Mr. Lee Youl-gi, won the 52nd Trader of the Month in recognition of making the recent export achievements in the global market.

Komex Electronics Corporation specializes in manufacturing and exporting various types of back-up alarms, GYRO sensors, engine shut-down controllers and rotary position angle sensors for excavators and forklifts.

Highly recognized by its clients, the company’s flagship export product, back-up alarm works as a safeguard that prevent safety-accidents at an industrial site by beeping when a heavy vehicle is reversing.

Back-up-Alarmhttps://korean-products.com/inquiry After Komex succeeded in developing back-up alarms and sensors with its own technology, the company provides them to Korea’s leading heavy equipment makers, including Doosan Infracore, which has led the Chinese excavator market for a seventh consecutive year. With the up-to-date technology and perfect quality, Komex has made a significant contribution to the growth of the excavator and forklift business of Korea.

Komexwon the $5 million Export Tower Award in 2008, and it further strives to ensure superior quality of by complying with quality and safety standards such as ISO9001, 14001 and CE.

The company also succeeded in developing a made-in-Korea engine shut-down controller, which was previously imported to satisfy the domestic demand. In 2011, the company supplied all of its engine shut-down controllers to excavator and forklift makers in Korea with the substitution import effect worth 5 billion won a year.

In line with its good reputation in the market, the company’s main clients include global heavy equipment makers, including Doosan Infracore, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Volvo Trucks Korea.

In a bid to find new buyers, the company has regularly kept participating in international fairs held at home and abroad.

Back-up-Alarm_1 Main Products
– EPOS (Electronic Power Optimizing System): Engine & hydraulic control according to load change, protection against overload, out-of-order signal display, engine output optimization
– Engine control motor: GYRO sensor helps for navigation and guidance of equipment.
– GYRO SENSOR: Ensures safety by ringing alarm when the equipment inclines at more than given degrees. It is mainly used in ships and aircraft.
– Monitor panel for excavator

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Automotive Weatherstrip


Young Shin Chemical Co., Ltd.

Automotive Weatherstrip

[INQ. NO. 1411C25] Young Shin Chemical Co., Ltd. (www.youngshinchemical.com) specializes in developing and manufacturing automotive rubber sealing and weatherstrip for industrial use, contributing to the development of the automotive industry in Korea.

Weatherstrip is EPDM rubber sealings for automotive doors, windows and trunks to prevent, rain, water, dust and even noise from entering. Weatherstrip also functions to accommodate motion vibrations of the vehicle door when opening and shutting it.

Thus, Weatherstrip is important in maintaining satisfactory ride quality in the vehicle, but making highly durable and flexible product requires high technical skills.

Since Young Shin Chemical was founded in 1982, the company has been continuously investing in R&D and up-to-date equipment to manufacture highly competitive automotive rubber sealings. In 1980s, the company commenced practicing global standard by TAA with Kasei Kogyo, Japan. In 1999, Young Shin became the first-ever Korean exporter of Weatherstrip door seals to the USA market.

https://korean-products.com/inquiryEstablishing a firm market base in the USA, Young Shin Chemical has steadily extended its stage to the world market including Australia, Thailand, China and Mexico, supplying to General Motors, Honda Motor, Suzuki and Renault Samsung Motors.

By successfully targeting the global markets, the company managed a turnover of 46 billion won last year and about 90% of its revenues come from overseas markets.

With such an outstanding achievement, Young Shin Chemical, headed by CEO Kang Youngjun, won the 62nd trader of the Month award, and it was also presented with the 30 Million Dollars Export Tower in last December.

Kang Young-jun, who founded Young Shin Chemical in 1982, put all his energy into producing world-class automotive rubber sealings through ceaseless challenge toward meeting customer satisfaction, new technology and best quality.

Automotive-WeatherstripSo for the past 30 years, he has successfully managed the company, overcoming numerous difficulties with strong leadership.

With the motto of customer satisfaction, Young Shin is committed to maintaining its reputation of the best quality and price competitiveness. The company is also endeavoring to ensure green management as an environmentally friendly corporation, and to contribute to humankind as a responsible member of society.

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Heating and Low Frequency Stimulator


Nuga Medical Co., Ltd.

Heating and Low Frequency Stimulator

[INQ. NO. 1411C24] Nuga Medical Co., Ltd. (www.nugamedical.com) is one of Korea’s leading manufacturers and exporters of medical instruments such as thermal massage beds, lowfrequency devices, ultrasound equipment, etc.

Chairman Cho Syung-Hyun won the 51st Trader of the Month award for his contribution in growing the medical appliance manufacturer into an exporter that provides more than 90% of its products to 95 countries of the world including the U.S.A., Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, and Brazil by installing a sales network.

Heating-and-Lowhttps://korean-products.com/inquiry From the first start, Mr. Cho Syung-Hyun, the chairman of the company has targeted global consumers, expanding its presence in the global markets through aggressive marketing activities since he established Nuga in 2002.

With its cutting edge technology and distinguished customer services, Nuga Medical is rapidly growing with 126 employees in Korea and distributors in 95 countries.

Since its inception in 2002, the company has recorded steady growth each year, and posted $300 million in the cumulative amount of exports for the past 10 years.

Nuga Medical achieved $32.9 million of exports in 2008, $32.8 million exports in 2009 and $47.4 million exports in 2010, respectively. By item, $25.2 million worth of NUGA BEST NM-5000 and $6.4 million worth of NUGA BEST NM-2500, $4.1 million worth of NUGA BEST NM-80 and $15 million worth of others have been shipped abroad in 2012. By export market, $39.9 million worth of products have been shipped to the CIS, followed by Asia with $55.6 million worth of export volume, Europe with $21.6 million and North America with $26.6 million.

Heating-and-Low_1One of its flagship export items, NM-5000 is a personal combination heating and low frequency stimulator which combines acupressure and heating as a spinal rolling massager in combination of Oriental and Western medicine. The internal projector ceramic designed to move softly along the spinal curve has been greatly used for treatment in Oriental medicine, which provides acupressure and massage for the user’s muscles with the rolling massage up to the neck.

Tourmanium heating has been added by attaching Tourmanium ceramic to the special heater whose temperature control can be done between 40 ~ 70°C. The 5-ball projector made from Tourmanium designed ergonomically moves smoothly along the spinal curve and can be conveniently used for any area of the body.

The company is speeding up the development of even better quality products, and it has set itself a goal of increasing the number of export markets to more than 150 countries within 10 years.

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients



Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

[INQ. NO. 1411C23] ESTECHPHARMA Co., Ltd., headed by Mr. Kim Jae-chul, was awarded the 47th Trader of the Month award for achieving the excellent export performance in the global market.

Founded in 1996, ESTECHPHARMA Co., Ltd. (http://estechpharma.com) is an active pharmaceutical company in Korea which is engaged in developing and marketing first generic versions of the drugs that provide the same efficacy as the patented original drugs after their patent expires.

With the goal of developing highly marketable products, it has focused all-out efforts on developing new technologies by investing a lot in R&D with about 75% of its manpower in the research and development division, supported by facility investments and technical innovation. Etc.

Active-Pharmaceutical-Ingredientshttps://korean-products.com/inquiryThe company has succeeded in synthesizing 40 kinds of APIs like anti-inflammatory medicine, anti-ulcerants, anti-hepatitis, treatments of alcoholism, etc. second or third in the world or first in Korea, and has been producing and supplying continuously to its customers. At present, with many patent technologies, it is co-operating new projects with domestic and world pharmaceutical companies by developing new anti-hepatitis and anti-inflammatory materials.

Active-Pharmaceutical-Ingredients_1ESTECHPHARMA has lately beefing up marketing activities aiming at the global markets, and has enjoyed brisker business than ever before in overseas markets. Supported by such growing sales abroad, ESTECHPHARMA recorded average annual sales growth of 35% from 2007 to 2010. And the company is optimistic that the growth rate will be sustainable and it will continue to beef up marketing activities in Europe and the United States as well as Japan, one of its primary export markets.

GADOPENTETIC ACID MONOMEGLUMINE SALT – Diagnostic aid (MRI contrast agent)
GADODIAMIDE – Diagnostic aid (MRI contrast agent)
POLYSACCHARIDE IRON COMPLEX – Anti-anemia, distributed at home and abroad, including the U.S.A, Taiwan, Germany etc.
TRIFLUSAL – Anti-thrombotic, supplied to major companies in Korea
ACAMPROSATE CALCIUM – (CEP) Treatment of Alcoholism, Due to be exported to clients in Europe and Central and South America
PRANLUKAST HYDRATE – Anti-asthmatic, supplied to Japan’s major pharmaceutical companies (Japanese GMP conformity approval)

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Satellite TV Antenna


IDOIT Co., Ltd.

Satellite TV Antenna

[INQ. NO. 1411C22] Mr. Im Seung-joon, CEO of IDOIT Co., Ltd. (www.i-do-it.co.kr) was awarded the 46th Trader of the Month Award for his contribution in achieving the excellent export performance of IDOIT, a Korean manufacturer of satellite TV antenna targeting the global market. With overseas experience in marketing TVs for LG Electronics, Mr. Im started Neovia, an LCD TV manufacturer in 2002, and established Skytoyou, a former company of IDOIT a few years later. Since its inception in 2006, IDOIT has developed flat-type satellite TV antennas under its own brand name of SELFSAT. SELFSAT is a flat-type satellite TV antenna that has been certified by ASTRA and EUTELSAT, Europe’s two major satellites. SELFSAT was supplied to Canal+, a major satellite broadcasting companies in France.

Satellite-TV-Antennahttps://korean-products.com/inquiryCurrently, IDOIT’s home antenna leads the market in quality by providing diverse outstanding features such as enhanced receiving capacity, rust-free durability and design agreeable to the ambient landscape. Globally appreciated, its home antennas are being supplied to many clients in France (OPT, IDOITSARL, SEDEA, STORNG and MAEC), Germany (SVS, B2C, SATMEDIA, MAX and IMC), Austria (SILVA), Italy (PRIMITECH) and Switzerland (BHS). In addition, the company is proceeding with negotiations with other major international broadcasting companies such as SKY (the UK), Canal Digital (Sweden) and Digital (Spain). Furthermore, the company is striving to diversify markets into India, Israel, Singapore and Malaysia.

Satellite-TV-Antenna_1Patented in Europe, IDOIT’s home satellite TV antenna is smaller and more lightweight than standard parabolic antennas, while providing high performance. It is also easy to install with various brackets and the design fits in well with the urban landscape. In addition, IDOIT’s wireless full HD video transmitter & receiver is compact and lightweight and enables longer distance (40M) video transmission as well as multiple transmission. It is also compatible with various devices including PC and TV. IDOIT has been able to gain a technologically competitive edge by investing in well-qualified human resources. Currently, a number of excellent employees with master’s or higher degrees are working hard to continue developing new products and improve product quality. Also, IDOIT holds the world’s top technical prowess in regard to flat-type satellite antenna through constant and intensive R&D investments, which also led to numerous industrial property rights, including14 patents, 14 design rights, nine trademarks, 10 service marks and one European design right regarding flat type satellite antenna and wireless TV.

In addition to flat-type satellite antenna, IDOIT is finding a new growth engine in such video equipment areas as home tuners that converts analogue TV signals to digital signals and digital wireless video transmitters and receivers as well as flat satellite antennas for household use.

In a bid to find new international buyers, the company has regularly kept participating in various international broadcasting & communication equipment, IT or home appliance fairs including Anga Cable (Germany) and Broadcast Asia (Singapore).

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Sandwich Panel Production Line


Ilkwang Metal Forming Co., Ltd.

Sandwich Panel Production Line

[INQ. NO. 1411C21] Mr. Yoon Suk-bong, president of Ilkwang Metal Forming Co., Ltd. (www.steelformer.com) was awarded the 45th Trader of the Month Award for his contribution in leading Ilkwang Metal Forming into becoming a global top-three manufacturer of sandwich panel production lines with many clients in 60 countries.

Founded in 1988, Ilkwang has raised the sandwich panel production technology level of Korea to global standards by continuously improving the relatively poor manufacturing infrastructure through ceaseless efforts for technological innovations.

For more than 20 years, the company has made eye-opening progress, ranking No. 1 in Korea and world’s top-three sandwich panel production line maker that exports to 60 countries around the world at the same time.

Ilkwang-Metal-Forminghttps://korean-products.com/inquiry Among one of the latest technical achievements, Ilkwang succeeded in 2011 in developing and commercializing its “Cement board sandwich panel line,”minimum-sized and lightweight 0.16mm high-strength thin plate molding and rotary shirring machine for cutting roofing material for the first time in the world and started to export them globally.

Despite the global economic downturn and sluggish domestic economy, Ilkwang has enjoyed a constant rise in sales. For this, it was awarded the $10 Million Export Tower in 2011. The company is accelerating its efforts to fine new clients, in addition to the current main export markets such as India, Russia, CIS countries, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Ilkwang completed the development of its glasswool sandwich panel line in 2000 by focusing on R&D. In 2002, it developed a polyurethane sandwich panel line that has the highest addedvalue among products of Ilkwang. The polymetal pressing line that Ilkwang developed in 2007 has received favorable responses internationally.

Sandwich-Panel-Production-LineParticularly, GV SIDE MEMBERS (so-called U-BEAM Line) developed by Ilkwang research center in 2005 and supplied to Hyundai Motor is a project that is developed for the first time in Korea and second time in the world. The project served as platform for the world to acknowledge Ilkwang’s technology.

The urethane line double belt that the company developed in 2008 is a part required for manufacturing sandwich panel line. Until the company developed the part, South Korea was largely dependent on imported items. In 2009, the industry leaders like Corus (the UK) and Fischer (Germany) visited the Korean company’s factory Korea and gave the thumbs up to Ilkwang’s technology. Ilkwang projects that the import substation effect will reach up to more than 10 billion won. Between 2010 and 2011, Ilkwang succeeded in developing and commercializing the cement board sandwich panel line, minimum and lightweight 0.16mm highstrength thin plate molding and rotary shirring machine for cutting roofing material for the first time in the world, recoding $4.3 million in export.

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