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January 9, 2012

Tongyang Magic-Kitchen Appliances

Tong Yang Magic Co. is one of the major home appliance makers in Korea that manufactures and exports gas ranges, gas oven ranges, dishwashers, water dispensers, built-in appliances and microwave ovens. The leading player in the fields of kitchen appliances has enjoyed No.1 brand power with nearly 40% of dishwasher market share in Korea.

The Korean company is also doing well in overseas markets, posting more than $50 million worth of exports in 2011. In recognition of this feat, it received the $50 million Export Tower Award from the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) on Dec. 13 in 2011 at its 48th Trade Day ceremony.

The Korea-based company posted $24.6 million worth of exports to the Middle East, shipping over 73,000 units of dishwasher in 2011 alone with the biggest market share in Iran and Egypt, outpacing the global brands such as BOSCH and AEG there. The figure is a nearly 146-fold increase from 500 units in 2004 when the company first started to export to the region.

The popularity of the company’s counter-top dishwashers is mainly attributed to its endeavors in meeting the needs of consumers. For example, Tong Yang Magic dishwashers have steam sterilization features, which many consumers consider very useful for cleansing bowls, as well as washing, drying and low-noise operation.

The company has lately introduced new dishwashers that provide upgraded functions and diverse user-friendly features in regards to dish racks, cutlery baskets, knife racks and AWECO dispenser.
To improve the plate installation and convenience, the rack structure has been modified. With a foldable insert pin being adopted, the unit can install different shapes and sizes of plates and pots more easily. And, the injection molded shelf (foldable) improves cup installation & utilization.

The newly designed cutlery basket is adopted, and the capabilities of containing spoons, forks and knives are increased. The unit has an improved convenience & mobility with the handled cutlery basket, which is moved to the front of the rack for convenience. Blue color resin is used for the handle.

With a knife rack (injection molded) being added, two knives can be housed simultaneously and knives can be arranged by size. For improved utilization, the rack is detachable. Blue color resin is used.

Tong Yang Magic strives to maintain the top position in the sector of gas oven ranges and dishwashers with its differentiated strategy and highest technology leading to customer satisfaction.

● Tong Yang Magic Co.
Fl. 5, Yonsei Foundation Bldg., Tongil-ro, 10, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)3472-7784
Tel: (82-2)777-5241

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