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January 10, 2012

Hankook Chinaware-High-end Tableware Brand


PROUNA is an upmarket tableware brand launched in 2004 by Hankook Chinaware, Korea’s largest manufacturer of ceramic tableware. Hankook Chinaware has focused on the premium tableware market through PROUNA.

PROUNA is made by using fine bone china containing more than 50% of natural bone ash. It is also decorated with 24K gilt gold or platinum plating, Swarovski crystal, exquisite decal transfer paper and sophisticated handpainting, making it ideal not just for everyday dinnerware, but for luxurious accessories and collections on the table. For this reason, PROUNA is being chosen by top hotels around the world to serve VIPs.

PROUNA has firmly built its brand image as high-end tableware abroad by locating its outlets in some of the world’s top department stores such as Harrods in London and Bloomingdale’s in New York as well as delivering to royal families of the Middle East. Hankook Chinaware also opened an exclusive showroom of Prouna at Forty-One Madison in New York in 2009.

As well as the beautiful and elegant designs, PROUNA chinaware features the superior quality. Containing more than 50% of bone ash, PROUNA’s fine bone china has outstanding strength, color and translucency and retains the temperature of food or drink longer.

Searching the world for the right blend of skills required to produce form and function in such a unique way, PROUNA uses only the highest quality raw materials and the latest state-of-the-art technologies available in England, France, Germany and the USA in order to realize its concept as a luxury tableware brand.

PROUNA is manufactured by the company with a truly distinguished heritage. Korea’s largest manufacturer of ceramic tableware, Hankook Chinaware has led the domestic market since its foundation in 1943. Hankook Chinaware has a long history of supplying many of the world’s most prestigious companies. In addition, Hankook Chinaware’s tableware has been selected as official tableware for the presidential office of the Republic of Korea for decades.

Its location, drawing on over 5,000 years of Korean tradition and craftsmanship, has made it the ideal partner to be entrusted with turning PROUNA’s unique vision into a reality.

Hankook Chinaware has six manufacturing sites including the Cheongju industrial district in Korea, making it the fifth largest tableware manufacturer in the world.

Hankook Chinaware was one of the first companies in the field to establish an automated production system, which includes computer-operated tunnel kilns, fully-automated forming plants, and automatic glaze-spraying machines.

Since the early days of its inauguration, after massive investment in research into better products, Hankook has begun producing fine bone china products made from bone ash, which are widely admired at home and abroad for their high quality and refined, elegant design. Sintered at an elevated temperature, it has minimal water absorption and three times the strength of normal dinnerware. The bone ash tableware is fracture resistant and has a lifespan 2~3 times longer than conventional stoneware.

● Hankook Chinaware
27-10, Songjeong-dong, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju, Chungbuk, Korea
Tel: (82-43)262-5241
Fax: (82-43)262-5242
Website: hankook.com

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