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January 12, 2012


Wearing thermal underwear normally raises the body temperature by an average of three to four degrees Celsius, which works as a good protection against the cold.

Due to the exceptionally freezing weather of this winter, more and more people are turning to thermals amidst the tough economic conditions to save excessive energy usage. Thanks to such growing popularity, companies are producing more varied underwear. However, they are no longer satisfied with thermal underwear simply offering warmth; it now also has to look good.

Reflecting these changing tastes, one of the major underwear brands in Korea, TRY, has unveiled HEAT UP thermals made to suit different body shapes and needs. Thanks to its high quality and slim styles it is keeping up with the latest fashion trends and gaining popularity in Korea.

Made from heat-generating material, it increases body temperature a couple of degrees whilst still maintaining a slim appearance. Designed with a thin, flexible structure, the different types and colors of the undergarment can match consumers’ various needs. The stylish fitting and diversely designed thermals turtleneck and tights can be utilized as an outer as well.

Ssangbangwool Inc., founded in 1963, is the biggest underwear maker in Korea with a full line-up of products. Its signature brand, TRY, which was launched in 1987, has become the leading underwear brand in the nation. Since then, the company has released diverse and distinguished innerwear brands such as &style, berry berry, Tager and Criket to target different groups of consumers.

During the 50-year-old history, Ssangbangwool has survived many ups and downs. It has recently overcome the difficult times and geared itself to become a global company. In a bid to promote its brands widely, Ssangbangwool held on-line underwear fashion shows, receiving very positive responses from online shoppers. It signed a license agreement on its TRY brand with an India company.

In 1996, the company established local offices and manufacturing facilities in China as a part of its global strategy, and it is trying to penetrate into global markets. Through its diligent efforts of constant research and development, the company has also introduced 140/160/200-threadcount innerwear for the first time in the world.

With 1,000 distribution channels nationwide, Ssangbangwool takes an optimistic view about performance in the near future, planning its sales volume to climb to 500 billion won by 2015 by briskly expanding its overseas market base from the current main export markets such as the Middle East, Africa and Japan to China, Southeast Asia and the USA.



● Ssangbangwool Inc.
161-17, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)3485-6138
Fax: (82-2)546-6863
Website: sbw.co.kr

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