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February 23, 2012

nabinugi-Bathroom-Aid- for-Cat

When people bring home a new cat or dog, housebreaking the newly adopted pet may be a problem. Housebreaking a cat is easier than housebreaking a dog and most cats are naturally housebroken. Cats like to bury their waste when housebreaking. All cat owners have to do is to create a bathroom area that offers substrate and keep the litter box clean. They have to change the litter daily, wash the box out with soap and water, and replace the litter with about an inch to two inches of fresh litter.

Cats like substrates with a grainy or sandy texture so they can bury their waste. However, regularly changing the litter can create waste and become expensive – not to mention the hassle of treating the waste. To eliminate these problems associated with litter boxes, a Korean manufacturer has come up with a new device called Nubinugi. Designed to be installed on a toilet bowl, it can help people to toilet-train their cat.

The small hole in the middle and embossing effect of the surface provides comfort for cats. The use of Nubinugi is sanitary by eliminating the need to share the toilet sheet with your pet. It is easier to clean than the traditional litter box, and can be semipermanently used. It comes in just one eco-friendly color – green. For more information, please contact to tel: 82-51-242-3754, e-mail:

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