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February 23, 2012

Cais-Electronics-induction-rangeInduction Range CA-1800 from Cais Electronics features much more reduced cooking time and cost-effective use of energy by induction heating, compared with conventional cooking utensils. According to the Korean manufacturer, the CA-1800 is 1.6 times higher in efficiency than common heat cooking utensils. This is possible because the energy is generated only in the zone where a container is touched, so its energy efficiency rises by 90%. Typically, induction heating is a non-contact heating process. It uses high frequency electricity to heat materials that are electrically conductive.

Since it is non-contact, the heating process does not contaminate the material being heated. It is also very efficient since the heat is actually generated inside the unit. This can be contrasted with other heating methods where heat is generated in a flame or heating element, which is then applied to the unit. For these reasons Induction Heating lends itself to some unique applications in industry.

Thanks to this merit of induction heating method, induction range CA-1800 provides a reduced cooking time, compared with a gas range. It also has no flame, fewer risk of fire, burns and explosions. Even in a small space, people can cook in a safe and comfortable way without the need to ventilate. The one-touch button type operation allows anyone to use it easily. It has diverse user-friendly and safety features such as the temperature sensor, safety protection function, auto power off, overheating protection function, reservation function of cooking time and button lock function. For more information, you can make contact to

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