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February 23, 2012

BEMEMS-smart-mammography-systemBEMEMS Co., Ltd. ( is an X-ray system manufacturer. With 15 years of experience in the field, the company mainly provides dental X-rays, mobile X-rays and Mammography systems.

The company’s Pinkview-AT is a premium mammography system that demonstrates the value of the future of the mammography technology as a leader in Mammography. It offers a full range of applications specially designed to provide excellent image quality and easy operation.

The Pinkview-AT operation panel is the smartest operation control. Users can see all detail value of the operation in the wide full color LCD touch screen with sentences. What’s more, Pinkview-AT has ASP (Automatic Standard Positioning) system especially designed to maximize the convenience of radiography, you can easily adjust positioning when using standard exposure. ASP function makes for operators easy to execute four position exposures by software programming. When using the standard exposure RCC, LCC, RMLO, LMLO at four exposures in order automatically moves with a touch screen only by our own patented technique.

Pinkview-AT also has comfortable compression when some degree of pressure is required for radiography, it allows compression to people the appropriate pressure (10 N step Max.200N. with load cell) and is equipped with MICOM control’s soft-touch system which is designed to minimize the discomfort of exam within the pressure range.

With the Automatic Exposure Control (ACE) system it is possible to produce images with reliable intensity for film and CR. Pinkview-AT has SID 660 mm, which is the best distance for obtaining high quality images. For more information, you can make contact at

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