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March 9, 2012

As a technology driven company, Winia Mando’s main management values are based on ‘Dedication to Customer,’ ‘Respect for People’ and ‘Change & Innovation. With highly innovative technology, particularly, in the cooling technology, Winia Mando concentrates on air conditioners, airwashers, kimchi refrigerators and ionic water purifiers.

Winia Mando’s airwasher integrates the functions of air purifier, humidifier and microorganism removal. The Winia Airwasher absorbs and washes dry and contaminated indoor air and blows back moist and clean air. This principle of natural purification using only water, which is the best natural filter, eliminates 99.7% of influenza virus (H1N10), bacteria, dust and formaldehyde, while keeping the percentage humidity around 40% to 60%.

Spreading clean air that includes fine water particles by means of natural vaporization, it can maintain an optimal humidity level in an indoor space. It is highly eco-friendly because water is used as the filter and the water can be replaced whenever necessary.

Users can choose the standard airwasher mode but when one needs to wash the air more quickly such as when there is yellow dust or when you move into a new home, there is also the HEPA filter applied quick airwasher mode available.




It automatically initiates dehumidification and humidification so that the indoor humidity is maintained at 40% to 60%, which is the optimal level for people to live comfortably. When the low noise mode is on, it can become as quiet as 25dB. In addition, it is designed to save up to 85% of power consumption compared with conventional humidifiers.

Also, it kills 99.9% of the bacteria in the water tank by means of BSS, or Bio Silver Stone, the company’s patented technology does not need to use any chemical additive in the tank. Since the consistent germ-killing power of BSS that lasts for a week prevents germs from growing within the water tank, users merely need to clean the water tank once a week with its easy cleaning structure.

Winia Mando Inc. became famous by inventing the first kimchi refrigerator “Dimchae” in Korea, which preserves the taste of kimchi, as if it were preserved in the Korean traditional Jar called Kim-jang-dok to keep kimchi fresh.


Kimchi Refrigerator


Since its kimchi refrigerator Dimchae was first released in 1995, Dimchae has become synonymous with kimchi refrigerators, selling a total of 5.5 million units so far with a 39% market share in the domestic market.

Dimchae is designed to be different from conventional refrigerators, which is hard to keep temperature constant. However, Dimchae can maintain a constant temperature, which is more effective in keeping fruits and vegetables fresh as well as kimchi. It also keeps meat and fish at the optimally frozen condition.

Winia Mando is also continuously upgrading its products reflecting customers’ needs. Various storages for different foods were added to Dimchae. These continuous efforts allow consumers can control the right temperature and diverse modes for each food and don’t have to wait for a long fermentation process simply with a touch of a button. And, Dimchae can keep kimchi fresh for up to 2 or 3 months. Dimchae comes in two types – drawer-type or lid type product.



Winia Mando Inc.
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Tel: (82-70)-8859-3733

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