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Dental EquipmentHDX Corporation will display various kinds of medical equipment at the upcoming KIMES.

WILLMED Co. Ltd., a company affiliated with HDX Corporation, developed “Dinnova,” which has a capability to shorten the amount of time it takes to process the image after filming, so that it can configure the structure of the teeth with accuracy and that it can capture the image with speed and accuracy.

“Dinnova” also has a capability to minimize a patient’s exposure to X-ray.

WILLMED also plans to produce dental digital X-ray multi-tasking equipment soon, where cephalo, panorama and CT functions can apply all at once.

Sky Dental Co. Ltd, a company affiliated with HDX Corporation, is laying down a stepping stone to become a Korea’s first total service provider on dental equipment, and it will also manufacture and sell imaging devices and unit chairs. Unit Chair “W,” a leading product of Sky Dental, is composed of touch panel and user interface.

By applying dual seat, Unit Chair was made as a patient centered and most comfortable product. By applying various colors and noble pearl color, Unit Chair is essential for a top-notch
room make-up of VIP’s.




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