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March 16, 2012

Shadow-Free Light


LED (light emitting diodes) technology is gaining popularity as an extraordinary light source due to its reduced dimensions, duration in time, low energy consumption, high performance, lack of heat and excellent color rendering index in various sectors, especially in the medical field.

Using this high-performance LED technology, JW Medical Corporation has launched an operation light named Honeylux LED that has various advantages over conventional halogen lamps. The innovative LED technology used in the Honeylux LED guarantees the elimination of heat, thus allowing surgeons to better concentrate on operations and preventing organs from getting dry during the operation.

In addition, the Honeylux LED featuring color temperatures that can be adjusted, provides the optimal operation conditions for any kind of surgery, regardless of the color of the different organs.
This new LED light provides absolutely great shadow-free lighting without any adjustment, unlike the conventional products that require a separate device for making the lighting shadow-free.

JW Medical, since it was established in 1972, has been a pioneer in localizing medical equipments, including incubators, operating tables, operating lamps, gynecological examining tables,
obstetric delivery tables and sterilizers, which serve to enhance the nation’s medical facilities and environment, and the people’s welfare.



● JW Medical Corporation
Fl. 2, 12th DaeRungTechnoTown, 327-32, Gasan-dong, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)2109-7700
Fax: (82-2)852-0565

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