Tablet PC Backpack

Tablet PC BackpackSEVENt7 ( provides a variety of tablet PC bags. Its brand-new backpack “Suit Bag” is designed to accommodate tablet PCs conveniently.

One of its outstanding features is that it enables people to use their tablet computer without the need to take the digital gadget out of the bag, making it a hot item among overseas consumers.

If people on the move want to use their tablet PC, they just have to put the backpack on their lap and open the bag’s cover. In such a simply way, tablet user can instantly see the tablet’s display.

The Korean design company says that the innovative design and practicality appeal to many tablet users mainly in their 20s and 30s. The backpack has additional internal and external pockets to provide extra storage, along with a rain cover. Buyers who want more information can be reached at


Tablet PC Backpack

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