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March 31, 2012

hair and eyelash extension machineHiBraid Inc. specializes in developing and manufacturing high-end hair extension machines for professional stylists and customers around the world.

It has invented BraidMagic, TwistMagic, T&BMagic, ExtendMagic and WinkMagic, which are a series of patented machines.

BraidMagic is a unique, patented hair braider.
It braids 0.1mm~ 1cm braid. The TwisMagic twists up to four strands of hair. And ExtendMagic makes nano-graft extension for hair loss, thin hair and male alopecia.

WinkMagic is a new eyelash extension machine.
Using pre-bonded extension eyelash, WinkMagic makes eyelash extension safe and easy.


Extensions last for about three months and they feel natural and comfortable. All of these products are patented machines. ExtendMagic is an automated hair extension machine for thin hair, hair loss and male alopecia. Using a specially designed grip and tip for micro-extension, ExtendMagic can extend even a single hair.

The slogan of ExtendMagic is “Dry, Cool, No Fuss, No Mess” hair extension.

The ExtendMagic uses a special adhesive-coated thin film that melts at low temperature. The replaceable tape cartridge looks similar to audio cassette tape, supplies adhesive material.

The tape is about seven feet long and it is good for more than 230 extensions. After use, new cartridge tape is loaded in a simple reloading method.

ExtendMagic add a new paradigm to the hair industry. It can be used in treating thin hair, hair loss, bald spot treatment and male alopecia.

HiBraid Inc. was started in 1998 by Mr. Myun W. Lee, who invented BraidMagic with his research team and introduced BraidMagic to the market at the Las Vegas Show in 1998. BraidMagic is a very unique, patented hair braider.

Approximately the size of a hair dryer, BraidMagic is lightweight and easy-to-use.

Following after BraidMagic , TwistMagic was introduced at the Bologna Cosmoprof Show in 2000. It twists up to four hair strands of various size (strand thicknessfrom 0.02 in. to Half in.)

and of various extension lengths (up to 20 in.) ExtendMagic is a recent addition to this one-of-a-kind series. Using a specially developed thin film coating of adhesive material, ExtendMagic extends even a single hair.


hair and eyelash extension machineExtendMagic makes it possible not only for extra thin hair extension, but also it can be used for hair thickness treatment.
The result is extra thin extension (only 0.001 in. thicker at the extended spot). ExtendMagic enjoys high popularity as one of the top three brands in the global market. The device is used in 25 countries in the global market, including the USA,Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, Russia and Brazil.




• HiBraid Inc.
61-1, 1-ga Taepyung-ro, Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)325-8012 Fax: (82-2)325-8016

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