Hair-care Products

Hair-care products


RENOKIN Hair Revitalizing Program is a scientific hair care program proven by the sophisticated mechanism of active ingredients and human clinical tests.
Ten active ingredients include the world’s strongest and safest hair re-growth activators, CG-Nokkin, CG-Keramin2 and CG-WINT. Those active ingredients provide innovatively high efficacy in both men and women.

Thestabilized double-layered encapsulation system effectively delivers the active ingredients into hair follicles. RENOKIN is applicable to any types of hair loss regardless of sex and age and Innovative skin penetration technology of active ingredients into scalp.

RENOKIN Hair Revitalizing Solution 60ml
Patented cutting edge biomimetic peptides stimulate hair cells to keep scalp and hair follicles healthier. Active ingredients make the hair lush, fuller and lustrous. Stabilized double-layered encapsulation system enables the active ingredients to be absorbed thoroughly into the scalp.

RENOKIN Hair Revitalizing Shampoo 150ml
This shampoo’s clinically proven formula helps promote longer, thicker and healthier hair. It is designed to stimulate and fortify the hair and scalp condition, creating a healthy environment for hair restoration.

RENOKIN Hair Revitalizing Conditioner 110ml
This conditioner provides intensive nutrition to dry hair after shampooing. It provides lasting hair-conditioning effect for lustrous hair.
Caregen, founded 2001, is one of the global leaders concerning R&D of Biomimetic Peptides and Growth Factors.

As the world’s first registered firm of PCPC (CTFA) regarding Growth Factors in particular, CAREGEN possesses various Biomimetic Peptide patents in Korea, USA, Japan, China and Europe. And, 19
Growth Factors were registered in PCPC and 58 Biomimetic Peptides registered in PCPC. The Korean company offers sophisticated lines of purified Biomimetic Peptides and Growth Factors with mass
production technology by highly skilled in-house researchers.

Caregen, since its inception, has been committed to the R&D of growth factors and biomimetic peptides which are produced by the transformed bacterial system and biomolecular remodeling, pectively. Caregen R&D Center has been in alliance with world-class research groups and companies in Korea and overseas.

It has also established environments ranging from small-scale stateof-the-art laboratory to large commercial facilities.

Caregen’s business areas include raw materials for cosmeceuticals. It has developed different types of growth factors such as CG-EG F, CG-IGF1, CG-aFGF, CG-VEG F, CG-TRX and CG-IL10 etc. Beside growth factors, one of the fastest growing materials in cosmeceuticals is biomimetic peptides.

Caregen biomimetic peptides, such as Rejuline, CGPurilux, CGDermaheal, CG-Keramin2, Prohairin-ß4, CGTGP2, CG-EDP3 and CG-IDP group have almost full activities compared to their intact growth factors. Caregen also offers OEM / ODM services based on its expertise and experience in developing various cosmeceutical products with high quality.

From raw materials to finished products, Caregen provides what customer needs and wants. Dermaheal is a cosmeceutical brand that contains Caregen’s state-of-the-art growth factors and biomimetic
peptides. Dermaheal products take care of anti-aging, antipigmentation, anti-hair loss, anti-inflammation and other skin troubles with homecare and professional lines.




• Caregen Co., Ltd.
690-3, Caregen Bldg., Geumjeong-dong, Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)452-3867 Fax: (82-31)452-3869

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