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March 31, 2012

RF skin & body care systemHABALAN Med & Beauty Co. is a specialist in radio frequency home care machines.

Established in 1990 for the purpose of improving beauty and health, HABALAN provides advanced Wireless RF & compact RF homecare system with high technology and state-of-the-art design to clients in Europe, America and Asia, as well as OEM/ ODM manufacturing service.

As a high-frequency heat specialist, the company has developed its own unique technology by adopting highfrequency heat treatment used in the medical industry for home beauty care.

The activation of collagen and skin care effect is based on deep heating. By using a special level of frequency, if one were to send out the safest electric energy for the human body directly to its deepest parts, biological heating takes place.

The heat energy generated at this time stands atapproximately 42~43 °C and this is called deep area heating. This heat raises the body’s innate power of healing and resistance and can be used for a variety of purposes including the treatment and prevention of skin disease, obesity, hair loss, aches and pains, and the overall management of one’s health.

Products using Habalan Medical’s high-frequency technologies have already been used widely in hospitals, skincare businesses, beauty salons and at home.


RF skin&body care system

The Poya Innovation 2.4L is RF machine for professional and homecare with modern and compact design. It can be used either for facial or body care – facial lifting from the creation of collagen, removal of wrinkles, whitening and fat reduction.

It provides outstanding performance in facial and obesity care by the activation of collagen from the deep hitting of RF. Dual components.

Self-user handles and professional user handles are available, and the safe self-care is made possible by a plate installed handle with new patent technology.

The specifications are as follows: Output frequency of 0.3/0.5 MHz; dimension of 280(W)*210(D)*80(H); weight of 3.5 kg. It has CE, KFDA, GMP certifications.

The Poya AGA is a wireless handy style RF machine for facial care.

The rechargeable and self-use homecare RF machine features color therapy and is used for facial lifting through the creation of collagen, removing wrinkles and taking care of whitening/ acne care/ rejuvenation.

The specifications are as follows: Output frequency of 1 MHz; dimension of 50(W)*20(D)*60(H); weight of 100g. It has CE, KFDA, GMP and EMC certifications.




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Website: habalan.com

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