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Korea’s Trendy Home Interior Items Featuring High Sense | Korean Products

April 6, 2012

Korea’s Home Interior item

As the quality of life gets better, it is natural for people to have growing interest in enhancing their living environment. Needless to say, this interests lead to higher demand for home interior items and housing materials.

Reflecting Korean consumers’ growing desire for a better living condition, the home decorating business is prospering, bringing out increasingly diversified home decorating products ranging from furniture, household textiles, interior accessories & crafts, tableware, lighting and wall floor available on the market from domestic and overseas companies.

Here are some home-grown Korean companies that are not leading brands but gain growing popularity by demonstrating unique design and high quality.

Inspired by traditional patterns and elements of nature, they attempt to set themselves apart by producing environment and consumer-oriented items rather than uniformed and mass-produced products. Take NJ Lighting for example, which focuses on ceramic lamp that is all handmade and uses natural materials. | Blog Magazine of Korean Products, brands, and goods

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