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April 7, 2012

Indoor Gymnastic Furniture


With tree designs selected for the 2010 IF DESIGN Award, DesignSkin specializes in designing and manufacturing indoor gymnastic furniture for kids, which is designed to help children develop their physical strength and intellectual capability.

All the products are carefully designed and made so that they can offer maximum safety for children. Most important of all, the internal sponge is a material made of high elastic urethane foam that has an excellent elasticity, stability and semi-permanent durability. The non-toxic, durable and soft PU is also applied to the external material for children’s health and safety.

As a creator of child gymnastic furniture designs that open a world of boundless imagination for children, it provides a broad range of bean bag sofas, transformation mats, transformation block sofas and gym and sports items for kids.

Some of products consist of several modules that can be joined to form various shapes.

They can be used as mat or sofa so that children can lean against or lie on the mat. Also they can be transformed into various shapes. Featuring bright colors, they can induce fun and curiosity for children.

This gymnastic furniture can help to develop children’s body strength, making it ideal for an indoor playground.

The bumper mat can be used for a playground or be transformed into a mattress for kids. It is 1350mm wide, 1200mm long and 50mm high.

Using the patented technology, the company presented a sturdier wall with the same light weight as the traditional model, which results in functioning as a stronger guard for kids.

Notably, the company’s exclusive one-touch technology allows the mat to be transformed into a playground, safety guard or a mattress immediately.




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