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April 8, 2012

The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) industry has expanded into various consumer goods such as computers, stationery and furniture.

Cozytec Corporation leads the DIY furniture market in South Korea by providing semi-assembled furniture under the brand name “Cubic’s” that customers can assemble themselves. Since the company released the box type DIY furniture in 2007, it has continued to upgrade the Cubic’s series.

The strongest asset of Cubic’s lies in the wide range of applications and ease of assembling. As the furniture is composed of simple components – diverse panels and joints, iron steels? people can assemble it according to their needs. The Cubic’s can be transformed into book shelves, cabinets, TV stands, monitor risers, lockers, etc. without the need for professional skills and tools.


Semi-Assembled FurnitureThus, people can optimally use their confined space since they can organize this furniture according to their desired design and size in perfect freedom.

Made by using ABS & PP plastic, Cubic’s is quite durable, light and safe to human beings. Unlike lesser MDF wooden plywood furniture, it is totally free from formaldehyde, and highly resistant against moisture, making it ideal for use in such places as hospitals and schools, which require high-standard safety.

Cubic’s also features smooth surface featuring high-gloss finishing and rounding shape. The doors with keys and casters are also available.






Cozytec Corporation
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