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April 20, 2012

Korean Gift & Premium Manufacturers

To survive in the rapidly changing and strongly competitive giftware market, many Korean manufacturers turn to the global markets by putting their efforts into creating high-quality, eye-catching products.

Like many other sectors, global market conditions for Korean gift & premium brands look set to improve as the Korean cultural wave enjoys a renaissance, including the current K-pop boom which is spreading beyond the borders of Asia, and the implementation of a free trade agreement with the U.S. that finally went into effect in March this year.

With fully experienced and qualified designers, some Korean companies are seizing the moment by developing stationery, accessories of digital devices and interior objects of originality and practicality.

Particularly, digital accessories that come in diverse designs and functions stand out, catering to the tastes of global customers as well as Koreans.

Take, for example, Rabito. The start-up Korean company launched in 2011 its homonymous smartphone case brand “Rabito,” which has become one of the most popular phone cases for its cute and practical design among overseas and local smartphone users.

Another, Korean creative design company, Lucalab released LAPTOPMAT, which won an °∞iF Product Design Award 2012, one of the top three internationally recognized design awards.

In addition, Korea’s stationery manufacturers are seeking ways to enhance their competitiveness in the face of fierce competition from foreign, low-priced stationery products.

As part of these efforts, they attempt to set their products apart by applying creative, fashionable design and colors. In particular, INDIGO tries to put stories into its designs.

These Korean companies are keen to access new overseas markets. Dozens of Korean companies producing stationery, gift & premium items are heading for Hong Kong to take part in the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2012, to be held April 27 to 30 to present their products and meet new buyers from many countries.

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