Raphiduct specializes in designing unique, creative stationery products. Its main items include bookmarks, pencils, module notes and gift boxes and fancy accessories.

Raphiduct, a composite name of graphic and product, is an open studio made possible by participation of graphic designers, with a slogan, “graphic virus.”

Raphiduct’s goal is to establish an image centered design brand by producing fun products adding wit and vitality to everyday life.

Designed by Raphiduct, Book Buddy is a stylish bookmark that you will need while reading a book.

Using magnetic materials and arrow graphics, it does not damage books and one need not worry about it falling off from a book.

Moreover, the triangle graphic with pointer function enables the user to not only indicate the page but also mark the area (row, line) the reader has read in every detail.


• Raphiduct
501/24-8/Songpa-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-10)4241-4064

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