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May 11, 2012

Gokseong Melon

With its high sugar content and sweet smell, melons grown in Korea are recognized globally. There are a couple of main melon-producing areas in Korea such as Gokseong, Naju and Buyeo. Among the areas, Gokseong County has a great natural environment for melon cultivation.

Normally, melons are very sensitive to climatic influences: the greater the temperature difference and amount of sunshine it receives, the stronger the aroma and the higher the sugar content of the fruit. Gokseong has an inland climate with a yearly temperature range of 24.8C; the average temperature is -0.5C in January; 24.3C in August; and 13.6C throughout the year. The area also has a huge daily temperature range due to a topographic feature as a basin surrounded by heals.

With the huge daily, yearly temperature difference and abundant sunshine, Gokseong is considered to be a perfect place for producing high-quality melons. What’s more, the air is clear and the soils are rich with organic matters from the banks of the Sumjin River.
The area also has clean water and air.


Gokseong Melon-01Thanks to this outstanding natural environment, the melons grown in Gokseong County are quality earth melon that can resist intense heat, frost, and diseases, with outstanding appearance with thick and stable nets and yellowish green pulp that is thick and taste excellent.

With a ball-like shape, Gokseong melons with light gray color weigh at least 1.5 kg and above. They constantly maintain 13 to 15 points of sugar content on the brix scale.

The soft pulp excellent fragrance unique to melons. For this reason, the Gokseong melons are highly appraised both for their quality and fragrance in Japan where the fragrance of melons is very important

When it comes to nutritional value, Gokseong melon is rich with iron, niacin, vitamin A, and Vitamin C that have high antioxidative effects, and contains abundant beta-carotene compound that fights cancer.

The melon is also effective in quick excretion of waste from the body, fatigue recovery and relief of hangovers as well as in lowering viscosity of and resisting the coagulation of blood.


There are various types of gift set packages available in 5kg and 8kg sizes.
The premium melon set 4 (8kg) boasts its outstanding sugar content of 15 brix measured by the latest nondestructive saccharometer. All of the melon gift sets, with uniform nets, are produced under a strict quality control process imposed on the farms certified by GAP (Good Agricultural Practice).


Gokseong Melon gift set


The high quality of Gokseong melon is attributed to the constant endeavors of the producers of Gokseong melon who have been striving to improve quality control by adopting cooperative sorting of melons by nondestructive sugar content grader, GPA certification and farm production history tracing system.

Gokseong Melon Cluster Agency was launched in 2008 in a bid to better promote Gokseong melons at home and abroad, and it has carried out business encompassing all sectors across from production, education, research & development, distribution and marketing.




• Gokseong Melon Cluster Agency
1133-2, Daepyoung-ri, Gokseong-eup, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-61)363-8945
Fax: (82-61)363-8946
Website: gsmelon.com
Shopping mall: .emelon.co.kr

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