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May 11, 2012


Manicure sets are completed with different implements for nailcare and pedicare. Jin Corporation produces various types of manicure sets in hard case, folding case, zipper case, pouch case and hard case.

And customers can decide the color and design of leather or synthetic leather. This point is very difference with its competitors. And the company tries to reflect customer’s needs and wants for developing the goods.

The all facility and know-how is ready to realize customer’s satisfaction. Especially, the Jin’s manicure sets are very popular as a gift in Europe and Russia. And they are recognized the
product quality and design.




Jin Corporation also deals with various kinds of hand and foot care products. For example, foot files (stainless steel, metal, stone, ceramic, emery), nail buffers, emery files, nail sticker, toe separator, tweezers, scissors, etc. And all are ready the display stand, display box, blister and so on. So, customers can satisfy with the complete packing system.

Established in 1986, Jin Corporation has pursued excellence in quality and high-designs in efforts to meet customers’ specific requirements through continued R&D efforts.


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The all system and facility, from design to production and packing, are equipped by oneself. The company is ready to deliver quality products convenient to use on schedule at competitive prices.

The product price very different depends on the using material and quality. Take manicure sets for instance, customers can decide the leather/synthetic leather quality, pattern of material, color, metal finish, the quality of implements and interior design. If customers have target price, target market or target customer, the Korean company will be able to meet the specific needs.




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