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May 12, 2012

Magnet Toy

EDTOY is a Korea’s leading provider of educational magnet block toys. By using high-quality natural raw wood, EDTOY products allow a child to feel the sentiment and connection with nature, promoting a more balanced emotional state and temperament. By building creative forms and shapes, EDTOY helps a child in developing observation, imagination, creativity and problem solving abilities, along with the emotional balance.

Furthermore, through the action of attaching and detaching blocks, a child’s hand-eye coordination is developed along with the development of hand muscles due to the friction produced by the saw-teeth shaped blocks.

The engineers of EDTOY meticulously analyze and research toys that are available in the market in order to enhance and create better, safer and more educational toys. As a result of such constant endeavors, EDTOY has designed and patented the unique Rotating Magnet Technology, and received the KPS and CE mark.


Magnet Toy-01Using the Rotating Magnet Technology, EDTOY’s rotating magnets enables the blocks to be stuck together regardless of the North-South polarity of the magnetic blocks. Additionally, the short jagged edges of the magnet housing in each block are designed to emit a series of clicking sounds when two jointed blocks are rotated around each other, adding an auditory element to the overall enjoyment of playing with the magnetic teaching tools.

Wood Transmobile, which is designed to stimulate creativity by putting the wood block pieces together and take them apart to create new vehicles, is one of the most popular magnet block toys particularly among overseas consumers.

Along with the clicking sounds created by the rotating magnets and jagged-edged magnet housings, a wide variety of colors and the textures of the wood material are carefully designed to completely stimulate the five senses of a child.

Using such basic shapes as triangles, squares and circles, children are not only made to familiarized themselves with the various shapes, but they also pick up skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking, and even learn the more subtle skills of expression and interaction.




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