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June 8, 2012

Traditional Korean Beverages

The typical traditional Korean beverages of Sikhye (rice punch) and Sujeonggwa (cinnamon punch with dried persimmon) are healthy drinks. Sikhye is a fermented beverage made from rice, honey, and malt. Sujeonggwa tastes sweet and spicy because it contains honey, dried persimmon, ginger, and cinnamon powder.

Lately these two Korean traditional beverages have been exported to the United States, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. Established in 1991, Sejunfood Co., Ltd. has years of experience in manufacturing traditional Korean healthy drink products, including Bokbunja persimmon vinegar, Sujeonggwa and Shikhae.

Sejunfood mainly exports these Korean traditional beverages with the goal of serving delicious tastes of Sikhye and Sujeonggwa to the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong through improving manufacturing processes and storing.

Traditional Korean beverages such as Sikhye come in a broad range of tastes depending on the mixed amounts of rice, fruit, and malt. Especially, its popular Haneul Cheong Shikhae is made with high-quality home-grown malt and the tasty rice grown in Korea. It is manufactured in the hygienic manufacturing facility in a traditional way, reproducing the true taste of the traditional sikhye.

And Haneul Cheong Sujeonggwa is made with strictly selected cinnamon in a traditional way to reproduce the deep taste of the traditional sujeonggwa. The beverage is made in the hygienic manufacturing facility and so, the quality is safely guaranteed. Haneul Cheong Sujeonggwa does not contain any chemical additives.

The Haneul Cheong punch has no preservatives, flavor, pigments, artificial enzyme and additives so people should store it in a refrigerator or drink it up as soon as possible once opened. People can drink concentrated drink after mixing in a one to four ratio.




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