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June 23, 2012

Amphibole CookwareYoungshin Stone’s Amphibole cookware is hand-crafted from rough amphibole without any chemical treatments. The Amphibole cookware has been widely used at home and in restaurants as the main cookware for generations in Korea.

Nowadays the Korean Amphibole stone kitchenware is being highly appreciated in overseas markets for its superior qualities such as outstanding heat resistance and conductibility, compared with other materials.


Furthermore, the Far-Infrared-Rays emitting from the Amphibole, one of the best advantages of the stoneware, allows people to cook the food in a healthier way by preserving the original nutrition and flavor.

The Bibimpap of Jeonju, which is cooked in the Amphibole cookware thanks to these benefits of the stone cookware, has become famous worldwide as one of the representative Korean cuisines.

Also, Bulgogi, which is another well-known Korean traditional recipe, can be enjoyed with the best taste, along with its unique Oriental flavor when cooked in the Amphibole pan.

As the Amphibole cookware is growing in popularity among overseas consumers due to its superior quality, Youngshin Stone is seeing the export volume steadily grow in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK and the USA with increased orders for the Amphibole cookware like roast pan, steak pan and barbecue grills for Western-style dishes.

The company is eager to make further inroads into Russia and China.




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