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June 23, 2012

Laundry Drying Rack

The electric laundry drying rack “Xpede” accommodates oversized loads with its easy-to-use remote control system, so people can get more laundry done at once. The nano-silver urethane form filter and sound-reduction system will help clean and sanitize hygienically all season long.

It is not only to reduce the time of drying the laundry but also to provide sanitary air produced by silver-nano filter. And also, it is controlled by a three-way safety device, so anyone, including women and the old people can use Xpede more safely and conveniently.

Xpede has a motor that allows users to avoid the inconvenience of pulling strings by hand, whenever they hang out or take down laundry. The laundry hanger rods lift and fall by switch or are shortened by wind from fan in the drier.

It also has Infrared light negative ion lamp which works 30 minutes timer emits lots of anions, upgrading the life circumstances at home. Xpede has strong rust-free stainless rods and has longer life by X-link type and wire.

It is designed to hold up to the load of 30kg and its stainless bar has excellent durability. The operation automatically stops if it makes contact with an obstacle during operation. Auto power-off is available in case of the motor overheating due to excessive operation.




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