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July 10, 2012

Abalone ProductsSeaFood Co., Ltd. is one of the leading food distributors in Korea that provides only the highest quality seafood along with a differentiated service in order to meet and exceed the satisfaction of its valuable customers around the world.

One of the company’s plants is located in Wando Island which is known for its uncontaminated sea located in South Jeolla Province of Korea. Wando produces about 80% in total abalone production in Korea.

Equipped with sanitary and advanced production facilities and its newly introduced food processing techniques, the company’s Wando plant produces many items such as canned abalones, dried abalones, dried sea cucumbers, powdered abalone porridge and etc.

SeaFood Co. is currently exporting canned abalones to countries such as Hong Kong, China and Japan etc. and has been admitted in their quality.

Canned abalone is easy to cook, thus consumers can readily eat without having to cook. The product can be served as a gourmet dish if consumers cook it for only a short amount of time. People can alter the tastes as they like by using many kinds of sauces to your preference.


Canned abaloneThis health-oriented food is enhanced with flavors using only natural seasonings, unlike other canned abalone products, which contain artificial additives.

Also, the canned abalone is easy to handle and store at room temperature since it is sterilized. SeaFood Co. remedied its shortcoming as it is known for its difficulty in cleaning abalone.

It is easy to chew filled with a mild sensation which can also be served as an excellent supplementary food for the elderly and pregnant women.

Powdered Abalone Porridge and Powdered Abalone Soup from SeaFood Co. are powdered products containing no preservatives, MSG or other artificial flavor enhancer.

Both products are very nutritious and healthy and contain the guts of abalone, sea cucumber, red ginseng and various vegetables as well as the meat of Korean abalones.

Powdered Abalone Porridge can serve as a quick fuel for test taking students and breakfast for busy workers.

Powdered Abalone Soup is very easy to make so people without any time such as office workers or students can conveniently help themselves in between meals. Both products are highly nutritional as well as fast and easy-to-make.



SeaFood Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: #301 E&C Dream Tower, 46, Yangpyung-dong 3ga, Yongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Tel: (82-2)2628-0506 / Fax: (82-2)2628-0505

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