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July 20, 2012

Aqua ShoesGTS Korea specializes in functional footwear and has so far introduced diverse functional footwear, including GTS Energy Shoes (micro-current health shoes); ACTOS Skin Shoes (barefoot walking shoes & aqua shoes); PIIPIINOO Zipper Shoes (upper change fashion shoes); ATTIPAS Baby Walking Shoes; iMOVE Shoes (vibration shoes & in-sole).


In particularly, the ACTOS Skin Shoes are the ultra-lightweight shoes that allow wearers to feel as if they are walking barefoot, thanks to their excellent fit and great shape resilience.

They can be also used as aqua shoes during summer as they feature such outstanding qualities as ventilation and quick drying. They are ideal for people to perform indoor and outdoor sports activities such as fitness, pilates, aerobics and gymball.

These shoes do not slip off even during water activities as the bottom outsole is made by using TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) which has a very high gripping ability on the surfaces with water, making the shoes suitable for slippery swimming pools and water parks.


Barefoot Walking-Aqua ShoesFor these reasons, people are also able to wear them when playing water sports such as swimming, windsurfing and beach volleyball.

ACTOS Skin Shoes are ecofriendly products without bonding process and there is no BPA, so they are not harmful to users. One pair of shoes weighs just 120 grams and these shoes are made by using Four-Way Spandex (Polyester 93% and Spandex 7%) for the upper parts.





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