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July 20, 2012

Outdoor Smart LED Alarm

Ganitt Cosmo, a Korean display hook manufacturer has devised and commercialized an LED-lit display hook called “Litook Marker.”

Equipped with a motion-detecting sensor and a sound system, Litook Marker flashes lights with sound when a person comes near it. With the special functions, shop owners are able to differentiate sections of a store, using different colored lights.

Litook Marker is also gaining popularity in the camping and outdoor equipment market in Korea. If it is installed with a tent, the Litook Marker’s motion-detecting sensor lets people know when wild animals or people come closer, providing a greater sense of security.


Outdoor Smart LED AlarmIt also makes the outdoor life fun and secure by allowing people to make their tent or specific place very visible from a distance by the LED flashing light when it is set with an automatic mode.

The device is powered by AAA batteries and comes in three colors: red, blue and green. The weight is just 40g and is very easy to install.

Litook Marker was awarded a gold medal in INPEX 2012 (Invention & New Product Exposition) in the USA. The device also won a special prize in iENA Nuremberg 2011, an international trade fair for new ideas in Germany.





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