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August 31, 2012

Balhyochon -Vinegar

Balhyochon specializes in manufacturing fermented drinking vinegar. The vinegar beverage, with acetic acid as its main ingredient, is effective for relieving fatigue and great for diets as well as promoting the metabolism.

Aged by100% naturally fermented vinegar using the traditional method handed down across the generations, they are set apart from other existing vinegar drinks in taste and function. In particular, Balhyochon’s vinegar drinks feature palatable flavor, so even people who don’t like a pungent flavor of vinegar can enjoy it.

Balhyochon provides several types of vinegar beverages using a variety of natural ingredients such as berry vinegar, pomegranate, jujube, red ginseng and grape. Fermented wild berry vinegar is formulated by selecting 100% Korean wild berries using strict criteria. They are then naturally fermented, to which honey, vitamin C, and natural sweeteners are added.

Pomegranate Vinegar Drink is naturally fermented and aged using only 100% Iranian pomegranate of excellent quality, and honey, vitamin C, and natural sweeteners are added. Brown Rice Black Vinegar Drink is a well-being vinegar beverage made using strictly selected brown rice that was naturally fermented, its nutrient content was increased in the fermentation process using the traditional method of brewing alcoholic beverage.

Also, necessary amino acids that cannot be made by the body as well as many amino acids and lactic acid are present in higher concentration than they are in ordinary vinegars, and it is an alkaline health food product that also contains calcium, iron, and minerals.

Red ginseng Brown Rice Black Vinegar Drink is formulated by fermenting and aging Korean red ginseng, well-known health food for its abundance in saponin, to which honey, oligosaccharides, and concentrated apple juice was added.

Grapes Vinegar Drink is made by naturally fermenting 100% Korean grapes using traditional methods, and because grape contain high level of sugars, it is effective in recovering from fatigue, and because it is full of vitamins, it helps regulate the metabolism. Also, additional vitamin C was added to take its nutrient content to the next level.

Jujube Vinegar Drink is a naturally fermented product made using only100% Korean jujubes that were carefully selected. Jujubes stimulate urination so it is effective for dieters, they stimulate colon functions and protect the respiratory system, and they warm the body so they are also known to be effective for women’ discharge.



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