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August 31, 2012

Korean Food
The Korean Wave of pop culture items sweeping through Asian countries has contributed to putting Korea firmly in the limelight in the international community, which has also drawn increasing attention to Korean food and cultural products.

South Korea has fertile plains suitable for agriculture in its southern region and the climate supports agriculture, thus Korea can produce crops and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Also, the seas surrounding the Korean peninsula provide many types of seafood, like tuna, king crab and squid.

Using these abundant food materials, the country has developed a unique culinary culture and has a large selection of specialties and delicacies by region, including hangwa (Korean confectioneries), jeotgal (salted fermented seafood), and traditional beverages as well as fresh agricultural produce such as apple, sweet persimmon, persimmon and pear, let alone Korean ginseng, which is already popular, especially in Asia and around the world.

Especially, the importing amounts of fruits such as apple, sweet persimmon, strawberry and pear have dramatically increased in Southeast Asian countries and Japan. In the case of mushrooms, the amount has doubled in China, including Hong Kong.

As Korea’s agricultural products have recently been getting popular on the Asian market, including significantly in China and beyond Asia, demand for these specialties and delicacies from different regions of Korea is on the rise overseas markets. The demands of Korean food and agricultural products are expected to be on a constant rise thanks to not only the influence of the Korean cultural wave, but also the safety and quality of Korean products.

Rich in nutritional value and unique in taste, Korean cuisine has been increasingly recognized by diners around the world. Just name a few, Kimchi, Bulgogi and Bibimbap are well-known Korean dishes, in as much as they immediately come to mind when many foreigners think of Korea.

In order to take advantage of this trend, Korea’s leading food companies are actively seducing the appetites of overseas consumers by launching Korean food products, tailored to the tastes of foreign consumers or further promoting the existing Korean food items aboard by attending a number of international food fairs.

Some Korea’s major food providers companies will showcase a range of quality products at the Food Expo 2012, set to take place during 16 to 18 August in Hong Kong to expand their overseas market base their with their top quality food products, including ginseng, laver, Aloe, kimich and vinegar beverage as well as some ready-prepared foods and instant foods.

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