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September 27, 2012


•00 * 120 * 35 Standard
•110 * 160 * 35 Large

•15 ~ 17 kg

Bottom Thickness
•5 cm

Side Thickness
•Standard – 10cm Cussion model – 25 cm

•Bottom mattress, Mattress Clothing, Bumper pillow, Bumper Clothing

•polyestere antibacterial fiber 100%, polystere hard foam

Completely detachable, Easy to wash

Step1) Unfix the bumpers.
Step2) Detach the bumpers from the body(mattress).

Optional Components( Separate charges )
Vivienda bumper bedding could be more comfortable with different options.

You may apply the following options with your order.

1. Quilted Mattress Cover Pad
All bottom mattress are quilted in Vivienda.
The pad is fully detachable so that it be used by itself cover

2. Quilted Blanket
The quilted blanket could be used with the bumper bedding as a more confortable place

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