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October 11, 2012

In the summer time, people go camping during their vacation. They pack up necessities. For days, campers determine to have fun by playing many games, and they are ready to go further to look for ways to enjoy a good time. With GANGGASAN’s Magic Table, tables can turn into a whole new level of fun for those who want to enjoy sitting and eating with family and friends. In 2009, the company was registered as the first one in the industry and supplies a variety of camping tools at competitive prices.

You can say it is magic when you see how many shapes it can shift into. Magic Table comprised of all 6 pieces or seats can be set up quite easily, and a user can manipulate them by putting together pieces for any shape he or she desires, any shape such as triangle, rectangle, octagon, etc. In general, people prefer an octagon shape with which people can sit around a barbeque grill in the center. Magic Table is not just for camping use. At home or school, people can use it as either a decoration or table. It is foldable and portable due to its lightweight, plus affordable. Stainless 304 is its main material.

GANGGASAN’s puzzle type burner table is a middle-size grill for people who are look for something between large and small size. This grill system uses grill bridges for more convenience. It weighs around 3.5 kg. The camp equipment maker also offers 3 types of outdoor cook sets that contain a fry pan and 5 stainless pots. Their heat conductivity is excellent and leaves no food half-cooked. Dish racks are also available. You can find more information at

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