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October 11, 2012

One cannot stress the importance of marketing enough. It is the most effective way for companies to promote themselves and thrive in today’s competitive market. The marketing activity has a few elements in the mix, and they are advertising, direct or indirect marketing, and so on. Their main purpose is to present information to consumers, increase demand, and importantly distinguish products. Success lies in how well the promotion goes. Certainly, HANAROAD knows where it should go.

Founded 1995, manufacturing corporate publications and promotional materials, HANAROAD is specialized in communication, project suggestion, and designing for clients who are looking for a better way to publicly present them. Comprised of specialists for each business department such as Research, Design, e-Marketing, etc., HANAROAD has been busy snatching multiple awards from many well-known media organizations and companies over the past years: IBA’s Best Annual Report in 2007, STEVIE AWARD WINNER at IBA in 2009, Final List at MIAF(Moscow International Advertising Festival) and another STEVIEW AWARD WINNER at IBA in 2011, and more.




Then let’s take a look at HANAROAD’s One-Stop Total Brand Solution that aims to maximize clients’ brand value in the market. It has all 4 different stages like Brand Consulting, Brand Naming, Brand Design, and Brand Marketing. First, Brand Consulting involves analysis on market environment, target competitors, the establishment of client’s position, and defining brand identity. Next, Brand Naming is about setting up strategies for “Naming”, Screening, local investigation, and developing a slogan. Brand Design is for basic design, developing a graphic motive, visual identity, and building a management system. Its last stage is Brand Marketing that is to prepare marketing strategies, developing materials such as brochures, catalogs, websites, e-books, etc. For more information, you can go to

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