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October 11, 2012

Construction WindowA window sash, in a simple sense, is a type of movable case for two or more panes of glasses. It forms a frame that holds the panes firmly. And there are various types, but the most common sash style is called “Yorkshire light.” People install the window sashes as they can provide efficient cooling effect. If any, one major vulnerability is the fact that it might rattle and break glasses when strong winds blow.

Korea’s window and door sash maker, SIAN is here to address not only its rattling issue but the others. Founded in 1997, the firm, with its concentration on quality, snatched Korea Standard (KS) certificate for synthetic windows and door frames 3 years later. Until now, SIAN has won Industry Ministry Award, Excellence Award for Regional Development, ISO 9001:2000 certificate, INNO-BIZ(Technology Innovative Business), etc. In 2009, it was designated as a subcontractor for Public Procurement Service of Korea.


System WindowWith production facilities that are capable of 600tons per month, SIAN offers three product categories: windows for welding, construction, and system. For welding windows, you can be picky among numerous options like large or small-sized double or single –paned windows, triple-paned window for your unique living room, balcony window with a king-size roller for seaside areas, large-sized inside or outside color double or single-paned window, double-paned color sash and color sash for expanded balcony, and double or single-paned school window for schools and official buildings. SIAN‘s construction windows with its wave pattern design have multiple draft-proof functions enabled by using mohair weather-stripping. For hotels and luxurious condos or residences, SIAN presents system windows. For more information, please visit

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