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November 2, 2012

kofirst-pitosKOFIRST with people’s wellbeing in mind started its heating campaign in 2002. The road since then has been colorful with a slew of heating systems. They are well put into several business sectors: electric heating, commercial heating, solar thermal DHW, and pellet boiler, and more. Its quality approvals have come with ISO 9001:14001m Q Mark, KFI (Certified in Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation), INNOBIZ, etc.

Based on these recipes for success, KOFIRST has been beefing up its client list by providing electric appliances that free people from inconvenience and energy hogging. More importantly, technology is its ultimate guide for the future. The heater maker determines to continue to offer energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems.

PISTOS is KOFIRST’s electric convector that thinks of heating capacity and safety. Also by factoring space use in, PISTOS’s slim appearance can be perfectly fit into any place around your house or office. It burns oxygen and does not need any additional ventilation system. There are all 8 types in the market. Convection heating is travelling in the air in circles and keep the same temperature around the place.

KOFIRST’s far infrared radiant heating system “BYSUN” uses the same principle that the sun does for warming the earth. This system is KOFIRST’s own creation and is offering five major benefits: safety, satisfaction from an enjoyable and comfortable environment, zero defect rate with quality assurance, highly cost-effective, and reliability. INNOBATH is its premium bathroom heater, and you do not need to worry about feeling your rear frozen when sitting on a toilet in the winter. This well-being bathroom heater is water-proof and has a unique towel-drying function. For more information, please visit kofirst.com.

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