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November 7, 2012

As an ergonomic office chair maker, INNOCHAR first began putting things together in 1985. Its first top obligation was helping office workers to stay relaxed and stretched on a special series of multifunctional office chairs. Its flagship product “INNOCHAIR” is versatile in that its numerous parts can be adjusted and converted for several purposes: a temporary bed, an exercise instrument, and a desk-side gym. Years of research and development efforts result in several certificates such as “K” Mark by Korea Testing Laboratory, SD(Success Design), ISO9001, NEP(New Excellent Product) from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

Sitting on a chair for a long time puts too much pressure on your body. It can possibly affect your back in a negative way and causes a few serious health problems if not cared enough. There are one or two things you can do for prevention, particularly while you are feeling comfort on the INNOCHAIRs.

The chair can be turned into a temporary bed on which you can rest and take a temp nap. Also by being converted into an exerciser, you can do sit-up and back-stretching to strengthen your muscles and joints; by toggling the back rest with five degree increments, you can use INNOCHAIRs for back-stretching and relaxing even in the office. Or you can hook your ankles under the footrest and adjust the back to your desired position for sit-ups. It is a great way to tightening your tummy.

INNOCHAIR’s Top series are made of genuine leather and artificial leather and offers in various colors such as black, green, gray, and red. The model has adjustable urethane armrests, double-layered foot rest, and more. Teen Teen series with artificial leather are in pink or cyan color. There are also CH series. For more information, you can visit

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