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November 19, 2012

All baby mothers need to listen up. Because you know your baby deserves better. Here is a company that recognizes what little toddlers secretly want. VIVIENDA began to care about them in 1984. For decades, the manufacturer has been successfully bringing comfort and a smile to babies’ faces. By providing them with such as environmentally friendly blankets, beddings, sofas, Indian tents, etc. VIVIENDA regrets seeing babies suffering from serious skin diseases, and takes on the issue by removing harmful chemical elements. And its unique design and quality products are worthy of your notice.

Vivienda’s foremost priority is making products that are not only space efficient but convenient. Of course, it must care about kids’ health and hygiene. And “Baby Sofa” surely is the right answer!

Bumper Beddings

Bumper Beddings

With it, you can beautify your children’s sleep space with a pint-sized sofa that can convert into a laid-back bed! Tiny and cute sleepers can flip the seating cushion open for naps and sleepovers on firm, supportive solid foam. Scaled down in proper sizes, this comfy quality sofa is covered with anti-bacterial cotton material for snuggly softness on the surface. Kids will be happy to own their private space to sit and sleep.

Taking a nap is a children’s must-do. Vivienda’s “Nap Blanket” comes handy and portable. It has everything: a blanket, a pillow, and a pad. The convenient item also can be turned into a bag by folding it. Just wash and dry for cleaning; the inner pillow part and inner pad are designed to be detached from the main body by simply unzipping them. Its large blanket can accommodate babies with rough sleeping habits.

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