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January 9, 2013

CL Pharm - AnysenseTonight, you want to surprise her by popping the question. With only hours left, you dress up and wear cologne to set the tone. Also make sure that your restaurant reservation is booked for sure. Importantly, do not forget the ring, because sometimes words just cannot express how you feel. Everything is ready? Well, think hard about what is missing; you need to be prepared to kiss her in a romantic way, which will make her say “Yes.” Korea’s CL Pharm seems to have what you might have forgotten.

Having developing a film-type oral refresher, CL Pharm began its saga in 2006. Under CEO Jang Suk Jun’s vision, it has recently introduced one big hot item “Anysense” in the market. He is full of confidence when quality matters; CL Pharm went through numerous trials and errors in order to complete its automatic production line that passed the KGMP standard.

“Anysense” is a sugar-free oral refresher that is foreign to the Korean market but in US and Europe. CL Pharm produces this edible film-type item with the automatic production facilities that prevent bacterial contamination. Before your French kiss or any important business meeting, you just place one piece of “Anysense” in your mouth. It will melt but never go away without leaving a sweet flavor. There are several different tastes available such as Peppermint, Lemon, Coffee, Grape, and Red Ginseng. I-Sense is its sister product that not only refresh your mouth but promote oral hygiene. More information can be found at

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