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January 9, 2013

Making Photo Album - Opsan

With today’s image-taking cameras’ role in our daily life, it seems that they have existed and will do forever. Its influence is deep and penetrating as most of us want to relive good times by taking pictures. This desire has been fed fairly well with many types of digital gadgets; however, things can get better if Korea’s OPSAN take care of the business with their professionalism.

OPSAN opened its business by distributing camera accessories in 1976. Since then, the firm has been successfully expanded and grown to manage and provide total image solutions to customers. Its influence is now being felt at several overseas markets in Japan, the USA, and Canada.

Adopted the first slide image developer in 1993, OPSAN has been printing the best quality pictures with 30”inch POLY Laser printers and the other systems. They all make images vivid and lively. As to various photo accessories, the company directly manages production facilities for each different purpose: album, frame, and crystal frame. Upon customized requests, OPSAN effectively caters to customers’ difficult demands based on years of know-how and experiences. Its R&D team built and manages an independent automation system in order to develop the next-generation products. All these efforts have helped the firm earn numerous awards such as INNO-BIZ and ISO9001.

OPSAN offers a wide variety of photo albums and crystal frames. By putting an emphasis on their overall designs and colors, they make images look truly focused and maximized effectively. You can find more information at

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