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Leather is widely used in many industries; its durability and flexibility is unmatched. However, it requires somewhat a sophisticated manufacturing process and is not at all affordable. For all these reasons including ethical ones, people decide to use artificial leather which is generally used where leather-like finish is necessary. This synthetic leather is lighter, cheaper, and an alternative to real leather. And Korea’s I&S is an experienced manufacturer that has been adding value to synthetic leather.


Play Mat - I&S


Beginning in 2003, I&S knows how to turn its 20 years of experience and skills into various synthetic leather products for bags, car seats, furniture, house items, etc. Particularly, its premium functional mats as main items are contributing to the quality of life by offering comfort and pleasure. I&S plans to join the club that only qualifies a global manufacturer. For this, quality management has been certified by ISO 9001:2008 while product quality by several international certificates.


Play Mat - I&S

I&S never uses any harmful substances Flagship items are I&S mats. They are innovative items divided into three types: Dwinguler Kid’s Play Mat, Comfort Mat, and Sport Mat. Dwinguler Kid’s Play Mat, with eco-friendly material and patented functional embossing pattern design, could be the best item that has solid cushioning ability and stability. It is available in different sizes and thickness. For your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc., the firm offers eco-friendly Comfort Mat with soft double layer. This mat with non-slip function reduces impact force and noise. I&S’s Sport Mat with its neat edge enabled by high frequency technology shows excellent non-slip function with both diamond surface and double embossed skin. Also, its special coating makes cleaning easy. You can find more information at

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