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January 23, 2013

Medical Thermometer - Easytem

Our body temperature is a good indicator of health. By placing a medical device in our mouth or in our ears, a doctor can measure the temperature to determine the status. This handy gadget is called “Medical thermometer.” There are a few different types: mercury, liquid, and electronic. More and more people are drawn to use the electronic one as it is compact, inexpensive, and easy-to-use. And Korea’s Easytem is prepared to create and apply more values to the digital thermometer market.

Nosed into the business first in 2008, Easytem has become the head of the industry by developing and providing high quality thermometers and thermography. However, just being good does not sell. Easytem’s creative and innovative thermal imaging technologies do the job : thermopile and thermal array. With this foundation, the firm has been able to release reliable and effective healthcare devices such as infrared thermometers for various purposes. Besides, home healthcare items, Easytem’s FeverCAM VT-1000 also is known across many industries for its precise heat detection.

Easytem’s accurate and dependable high quality thermometers are for you and your family’s health. With its proven detection rate, this speedy and convenient device allows everyone to measure the temperature easily so that they can quickly respond to it. A small difference in the human temperature means a lot. And how to get the result could be preferred in several different ways, Easytem recognizes your need and offers handy thermometer models for the ear and/or forehead or remote-based detection. You can find more information by visiting

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