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January 23, 2013

Non-slip Product - Hiwalk


A warning sign is everywhere when winter brings a good deal of snow. Roads and streets become potentially hazardous for people, especially children and the elderly. At home, slippery bathrooms could be deadly once someone loses his or her balance. Fortunately, Korea’s HIWALK offers ways to keep you safe.

HIWALK’s anti-slip campaign was launched in 2001. Since then, as an INNO-BIZ and venture firm, the non-slip product maker has made efforts to introduce high-performance non-slip products such as Stairs Nonslip, Line type Nonslip, Nonskid Tape, and Nonskid Plate. It all has been possible due to HIWALK’s recognized quality and environmental management:ISO9001 and ISO 14001. Upon its future vision, the company plans to step up the level of the product quality and efficiency in order to compete and thrive in the global market.

As more and more reports indicate to how dangerous stairs in and outside structures like buildings can be, HIWALK’s Stair Non-slip item is specifically designed for schools, offices, bridges, etc. This multi-color aluminum based material shows excellent non-slip function against water or oil. The other features are superior waterproof function, anti-abrasion, easy installation, and so on. For places like bathrooms, parking lots, and kitchens, HIWALK’s Nonslip Guardian NH can be perfectly suitable. It is comprised of a steel plate with sound-proof epoxy and urethane, anti-abrasion ceramic particles, and anti-ultraviolet rays color urethane. Nonslip Guardian NG for extremely slippery spots is made of polyester fabric, special ceramic particle, and industrial tape. You can find more information at hiwalk.com/eng/index.asp

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