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January 23, 2013

Slip Stop - KMGA slip of the tongue could mean more than words. It may cost your relationship or job. Somewhat, you can rebound from setbacks. But one accidental slip could mean eternal silence for you as it may cost your life, and there is no turning back. We simply cannot be too careful. Yet, being careful has a limit. So we turn to Korea’s anti-slip expert : KMG INC.

Under Mr. Seol, Sang Won’s future vison, KMG started in 1997 with its world patent SLIP STOP. So far, the firm has diversified its product lineup by developing numerous anti-slip technologies :water-based & for cardboard boxes and paper bags, anti-slip treatment liquid for tile floors, water-based for plastic bags, solvet-based for plastic bags, etc., and successfully gained international recognitions such as CE Mark, USA patent, and ISO 9001.

KMG’s leading anti-slip breakthrough “Floor Slip Stop” can increase your survivability by preventing nearly 90% of slip accidents. This revolutionary life-saver has two different types : Tile Slip-Stop and Coating Slip-Stop Soft & Hard. Ever popular Tread-type Tile Slip-Stop usually is used for marble, natural granite, ceramic, stone, etc. Also Tile Slip-Stop is affordable and can be easily used in spray forms. Coating-type Slip Stops are applicable to all floor materials such as plastic, glass, metal, wood, etc., to be specific, Soft one is especially for barefoot and bathtubs while Hard for vehicle and pedestrian use. Importantly, these are eco-friendly and highly effective. For more information, you can find in


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