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January 23, 2013

Smartphone case - INMOK


We may not function without smartphones these days. Everywhere we go and everything we do, their presence is demanding as we can use them to communicate with people, navigate through the web of roads while driving, play games, take a picture, etc. However, there is a downside to it; a smartphone’s applications are fruitful, yet its structure is fragile. If it slips out of hands by accident, it will be likely to be broken. Its repair could be costly. So there go smartphone cases made of several flexible or hard materials. And Korea’s INMOK offers classic items made of wood.

Started in 1999, INMOK provides every wood-based product, be it finished or half-finished, such as furniture, floor tiles, wood sheets, panels, decorative products, smartphone cases, etc. The value-creator for wood products has been successful in manufacturing them by using wood materials from Europe, Africa, and Asia. Certainly, INMOK’s certified management system with ISO14001 and ISO9001 will guarantee the quality of its eco-friendly products that brings the warmth of the Mother Nature.

INMOK applies oriental ideas to the making of smartphone cases. They are oddly but gracefully in harmony with something not green. Its combination of electronic gadgets and natural wood now look pleasantly perfect. Some of them have patterns that remind us of the oriental look that we often feel only from oriental art works. Clearly, nature lovers would be instantly in love with every bit of INMOK’s meticulous wood texture, and it is so genuine and eye-catching. For more information, you can find more at inmok.co.kr/default.asp

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