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March 19, 2013


[INQ. NO. 1303C01] Samsong Industries is a specialized manufacturer of automobile safety equipment, including car safety belt assembly and child safety car seats. The company’s “BonestBenest” provides the highest quality child car seats with added safety and convenience features due to its strict quality control tests such as collision test, durability and wear & tear test, fire resistant & retardant test and environmental test based on its technological know-how and process proven by safety standards such as KS and ECE certifications.

“BonestBenest” child safety car seat is the world’s first to feature the innovative CAP (Constant AirProtection) system. Generally, micro impacts occurring during driving may cause unbalanced brain development of children. Air protection car seats developed by BonestBenest protect children from minute impacts by minimizing the minute shocks occurring during driving through CAE (computer aided engineering) design and TPU Film used for air bags and air bumpers. Its impact absorption and buffering functions are effective in reducing up to 75 % of the micro impacts inflicted on a child’s head.


In recognition of the excellent design and user-friendly features, BonestBenest’Air 7 received the Award of the Minister of MKE (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) from Good Design (GD) Awards in 2012.

What makes the car seat differ from other standard products is the CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) design. The side collision accidents take up 70% of vehicle accidents. In order to protect the head and body of the child from side crashes, the BonestBenest adopts CAE (computer aided engineering) design, which ensures that impact absorption and buffering will be maximized. As a result, the Korean company says that the BonestBenestair car seat can reduce up to 40% of the impacts inflicted on a child’s head in the event of an accident.

On top of that, the car seat was been ergonomically created with a child’s spine in mind. The lower part of BonestBenest’s unique air seat helps a child to maintain the natural curve of the spine, evenly dispersing body pressure loaded on the area during sitting. In addition, the side air seat helps the child to maintain upright posture through adjustment of air pressure around the waist and pelvis.

By applying a range of safety and user-friendly features, the BonestBenest also ensures the child’s safety, perfectly protecting the child’s head during collisions by adopting a 5-layer protective cushion (side wings -> air seat -> cover cushion -> head frame -> air seat).

In order to fully protect the head and body of the child from side impacts, the car seat has a side protection wing that maintains side depth. Side protection is intensified using the same material as is used for the head rest.


201303C_15In addition, various other user-friendly features well deserve a high grade. The car seats can be installed by using both car seatbelt and ISOFIX method. And, the back support part of the child car seat can be adjusted smoothly even after it has been attached to the vehicle, which prevents disturbing or startling a sleeping child. With One Stop Cover, you can conveniently place and take off the seat cover and cushion that wrap around the frame without need to separate shoulder belt and head frame.



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