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March 21, 2013


[INQ. NO. 1303C07] Launched by Nefs, kitchen furniture ‘Walking on the Cloud’ and ‘Morning Calm’ received the Public Procurement Service Administrator award and grand prize from 2012 Good Design (GD) Awards, respectively.

The award-winning ‘Morning Calm’ is characterized by a unique design, inspired by Korea’s traditional lines and colours
that the Korean furniture maker reinterpreted. The product was
featured at 2012 iSaloni Milano.

As a special feature of the kitchen furniture, refined Korean alphabets that are carved on the glass door of storage closets by using etching techniques of appearing or disappearing, depending on viewing angle and lighting.

In the meanwhile, the motif of the ‘Walking on the Cloud’ is the beauty of the nature. The lower part of the kitchen furniture is designed to reflect against the floor as if it stays afloat from the floor. The visual optical illusion creates a dreamy atmosphere.

Another unique point of Walking on the Cloud is the company’s attempt to reinterpret traditional Korean culture: the door knob of the furniture is designed based on the idea of a unique cloudlike window of a traditional Korean-style house.

Nefs is a furniture designing company that has been growing with the construction market of Korea. Since it was established in 1986, it has designed, manufactured and installed kitchen furniture, general furniture, wooden doors & windows, floor materials and stone materials targeting the apartments, high-rise residential buildings, townhouses, hotels and resorts to take up the first place in the Korean B2B furniture market sales.

Nefs is leading Korea’s premium kitchen market with designs in consideration of the customer’s emotions as well as the functionality and beauty.


201303C_33Nefs is making advancement into the global market through the exports to Canada while exhibiting the kitchen furniture at the ‘Salone Internazionale del mobile 2012’ for the first time in the history of the Korean furniture industry.

The company has strived to provide the ‘space of dream’ at any space desired by customers, based on the quality management ability, installation know-how and customized design for customer satisfaction that have been built up with the experience of performing super sized projects exceeding one thousand households including ‘Doosan Haewoondae We’ve the Zenith (1,788 households_Busan)’ which is the tallest building structure in Asia.

Nefs’ design capability has been recognized by winning Korea’s leading design awards, including KAID, GD and more every year.



• Nefs
38-24 Samsumg-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2) 3460-8055

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