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March 25, 2013

[INQ. NO. 1303C11] Coway is one of major home appliance manufacturers that are gaining appreciation at home and abroad by drastically improving the quality and design of their products.

The company’s primary products include air purifiers, water filtration devices, digital bidets, mega sonic cleaning device, and other well-being home appliances. Coway’s industry-leading market share in Korea ranges from over 50 percent for water filtration devices to 40 percent for air purifiers. Currently, more than one out of four Koreans use Coway water filtration devices, and one out of ten uses Coway’s air purifiers.

Of special note, the Coway’s Cairs air purifier received the Public Procurement Service Administrator Award from 2012 Good Design (GD) Awards in recognition of the excellent design based on external appearance, function, materials and economic efficiency.


201303C_40The Cairs air purifier is designed to purify household air through a filter and to maintain a pleasant living environment by eliminating humidity. Five steps involving high-tech filters, including a HEPA filter and a deodorization filter, will get rid of toxic substances, such as bacteria, fine dust, noxious gases, and fungus.

As a result, the air in the room will be purified. Moreover, the product, a dehumidifier and an air purifier, removes humidity in the air with a strong condenser refrigeration system. Unlike existing air purifiers, users wanted to be able to take the air purifier and dehumidifier to different rooms, where dehumidification was needed.

Existing products have small handles and inconvenient methods of moving them which makes them not very user friendly for customers who want this feature. The new product meets this need and suggests mobility with a naturally harmonized design. As a product that offers a dual function – air purifier and dehumidifier, complex factors, such as control, filter replacement, and water disposal had to be solved. While solving these issues, designers developed a simple and convenient design for the handle.


In 2003, Coway enlarges its business to go global with its first overseas business starting in Japan. Coway then expanded to Thailand, China, and Malaysia. Coway also opened its first U.S. subsidiary in Los Angeles, signaling its commitment to the U.S. market. As for the European market, Coway has set up a number of logistics bases and is planning to establish subsidiaries shortly. In the global market, Coway makes localization its top priority.



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Tel: (82)1588-5100
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