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April 1, 2013



[INQ. NO. 1303C13] These days, fitness equipment combining the latest IT technology is becoming widely used in such fields as healthcare and rehabilitation. In line with the recent well-being trend and aging population around the world, the market is seeing rapid growth over the past few years.

Health-One Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based fitness equipment provider of intelligent treadmill with the built-in TV monitor, touch-screen, Bluetooth wireless headphone set and cardio program employing POLAR heart rate system, targeting the global markets.

Health-One’s high-end recumbent bike HRB-700 received the Public Procurement Service Administrator Award from 2012 Good Design (GD) Awards for the excellent design and technology to meet the consumers’ preference for personal entertainment platform, which is used indoors for training center.

The high-end recumbent bike was totally designed to enhance, motivate your workout experience by the new interface, and integrated touch screen console with digital TV/AV function to watch TV and listen MP3 with built-in Bluetooth wireless headphone set.

The HRB-700 is equipped with TV monitor, which enables users to work out watching TV and workout data on the TV monitor to relieve the boredom of the workout. Also, this upright bike has heart rate monitoring system, with which use can monitor his or her physical data in real time and decrease any risk to be caused by any excessive exercise. In addition, HRB-700 makes user enjoy watching movie, listening music and reading e-mail by being interoperable with smart phone (iPhone and Android Phone).

With factors about user’s various physical conditions such as age, sex and height in mind, the recumbent bike seat’s height is designed to be easily adjustable by using a soft touch button.

In addition, it features a sturdy structure with stainless welding seam and special coating frame finish, along with the stainless seat with sweet proof finish and ergonomic handle bar, offering the most comfortable sitting.

Health-One is one of the fastest growing companies in the treadmill industry in Korea by producing the intelligent treadmill with the built-in TV monitor, touch-screen, Bluetooth wireless headphone set and cardio program employing POLAR heart rate system and exporting treadmill with the state-of-the-art technology to Europe and Asia including Japan.

Health-One will continue to focus on developing U-health products and services with renewed enthusiasm.

Health-One’ primary business area is as below:
– Production Items : Treadmills, Bikes, Heart Rate Monitoring System, Wireless Pulse Oximeter
– Handling Items : Health Bikes, Elliptical, Stepper, Function Reinforcement, Strength Machine, Growth Aide Exercise
Equipment, Altitude (Hypoxic) Training System
– Consulting : Setting up fitness club or physical training center

Management of fitness club or physical training center Improvement of sport performance, Obesity treatment, rehabilitation program



• Health-One Co., Ltd.
724-4, Sinchon-ri, Gyoha-eup, Paju, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)949-8010
Fax: (82-31)949-8012
If you want to visit the website of Health-One Co., Ltd.

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